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Doug Wilson Urges Christians to Consider Fake Vaccine Passports

by | Aug 24, 2021 | Opinion, Politics, Religion, US | 0 comments

During a time when the government is clearly swelling with enormous power and overreach in the midst of an overblown pandemic, Christian pastor and commentator, Doug Wilson, is urging Christians to consider using fake vaccine passports in order to render even the notion of a passport system useless.

The Biden administration has already floated the idea of implementing a vaccine passport system to restrict interstate travel which would–if it came to fruition–require checkpoints at the borders of every state to check the vaccination status of people who wish to cross the border. While it is largely understood that the Constitution guarantees–and various subsequent Supreme Court rulings have confirmed–the right to travel as a liberty that cannot be infringed upon in the United States without due process, there is certainly no guarantee that the current Administration wouldn’t attempt to skirt this freedom.

Biden has already admitted that he’s willing to overlook his Constitutional powers to implement executive orders.

Doug Wilson makes a powerful case for Christians who are unwilling to give up their freedoms to a tyrannical government to use fake vaccine passports in good conscience. Whether or not you agree with him, this is worth the listen.

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