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Serial Plagiarist, Southern Baptist President, Says SBC Should Watch Out for False Leaders

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There is no way around it. The men in these high positions in the Southern Baptist Convention are only there because they crave the power and attention that the leadership cult affords them.

Nobody is EVER going to actually do anything about the corruption in the denomination. It is all politics-and when they have the power, they wave it in your face.

Ed Litton actually had the gall to say that the SBC should watch out for “false leaders.”

As reported by the Biblical Recorder, Ed Litton recently joined the California Southern Baptist Convention pastors to set the theme for the SBC 2022 annual meeting.

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Later in the program, Litton also presented the theme for the 2022 annual meeting: β€œJesus: The Center of It All.” The unity that so many look for can only be found in Christ, he said. And while no one argues that, it nevertheless can become a difficult concept to put in action.

β€œIn the SBC we are always on guard – and rightly so – about false theology,” he said. β€œBut we also ought to be careful about false leadership. Jesus said of the Pharisees to do what they say, but do not follow them. In the same sense, we have a struggle between our orthodoxy and our orthopraxy.”

Southern Baptists, Litton urged, should focus on Jesus’ qualities as outlined in Colossians 1:15 – the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation, all things in heaven and on earth created by Him and for Him. β€œHe is also the head of the body, the church,” Litton said.

Is this a sick joke? I have no respect for any of these men.

None. They make me sick.

How these men can just sit around with him while he spews this nonsense and smile and laugh and pretend like nothing is wrong. They pretend like serial plagiarist, Ed Litton isn’t the false leadership–the blind leading the blind–that the Scriptures speak of so strongly. They refuse to call him to repent. It’s a basic tenet of the Christian faith.


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