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Atlanta Baptist Church to Deny Worship to Un-vaccinated Individuals

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We expect our leftist politicians to deny essential services–such as food, travel, and healthcare–to those who refuse to bow the knee to Ba’al and walk in lockstep with every mandate forced upon us from the Communist Regime of America. But we Christians shouldn’t expect our spiritual leaders to treat us with such disdain.

Yet, one Atlanta area Baptist church will be denying essential spiritual services to any visitor who can’t prove they’ve taken one of the experimental vaccines for COVID-19.

FOX 5 Atlanta reports,

Reverend Dr. William Flippin Sr. is the pastor of The Greater Piney Grove Baptist Church and said it’s his way of stopping the spread and keeping his members safe.

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“There are people who foolishly say they are covered under the blood. I believe in being covered under the blood but you also have good sense,” Rev. William Flippin said.

Flippin, if he so chooses, has every right to encourage people to be vaccinated if he so strongly believes in it–and he’s welcome to make his case. But to deny entry into a supposedly sacred House of God and refuse to allow them to worship corporately is nothing short of blasphemy.

To be clear: there is no command in Scripture to follow any public health guidance. But there is a command in Scripture to gather corporately to worship. And those who would forbid the practice are causing others to sin. And we know what Jesus says about causing others to sin.

This is called a “stumbling block.”

Therefore let us not pass judgment on one another any longer, but rather decide never to put a stumbling block or hindrance in the way of a brother. –Romans 14:13

Millstone, meet neck.


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