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Open Letter to Voddie Baucham: Please Walk Away From Sing Conference

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Dear Dr. Voddie Baucham,

I have enjoyed your ministry over the years, listened to countless sermons by you, and have supported you when feasible to do so. Your preaching and teaching have edified me and my family and your steadfast commitment to the truth of God’s word has been an encouragement to many.

I pre-ordered your book, Fault Lines, and I was one of the first to read it when it came out. I found it to be refreshing and encouraging, taking a hard, no compromise line against the influx of social justice and progressivism in the Evangelical Church. Rarely do we see high-ranking men take such a strong stand; we need more such men like you.

This is why I felt compelled to write to you openly regarding your association with the Sing! Global 2021 Conference. I understand that your position is that you will faithfully preach the gospel as you always do. Further, I understand that your presence at this conference is not necessarily a direct endorsement of others who are attending. However, it is a tacit endorsement. And many of the ones you will be sharing the stage with at this conference are those who hold to and advance the same ideology that you refer to your book, Fault Lines, as dangerous and at odds with biblical orthodoxy.

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In your book, on page 67, you write, “The antiracist movement has many of the hallmarks of a cult, including staying close enough to the Bible to avoid immediate detection and hiding the fact that it has a new theology and a new glossary of terms that diverge ever-so-slightly from Christian orthodoxy.”

Let me be clear: most–not all–but most of the speakers attending this conference are either directly or indirectly a part of this “antiracist” cult that you have described, and some you even openly named in your book.

To just name a few, Danny Akin, Trip Lee, David Platt, Paul Tripp, Ligon Duncan, John Piper, Jonathan Leeman, Karen Swallow Prior, and H.B. Charles are some of the more well-known names who are openly, consistently, and unrepentantly advancing the antiracist cult ideology of Critical Race Theory.

Again, I understand that it is not your intention to directly endorse everyone at the conference, but I must reiterate that your very presence there lends a certain credence to them that validates them and their theology in the minds of other people who trust you.

The stated purpose of the conference is to “reset congregational singing, restore our hope, and reunite the church in Christ-centered worship.” This is a noble purpose and in many ways, something that needs to happen. Christ-centered worship is also a rare commodity in today’s Evangelical Church. However, just like Pastor John MacArthur recently said, “the gospel, the word of God, the Kingdom of Light, does not need any help from the Kingdom of Darkness” to accomplish its purpose.

Dr. Baucham, I hope that you will receive this in the spirit in which it is intended. If you choose otherwise, I will still appreciate you, endorse you, and promote your teachings–but I will be unable to promote this particular event. My strong belief, from what I know about this conference and its agenda, is that the best thing for God’s people to do is to avoid it at all costs.

“What agreement has the temple of God with idols?” –2 Corinthians 6:16

In Him,
Reformation Charlotte Contributors


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