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Proponents of Critical Race Theory Equate “Whiteness” with the Image of God Without Even Realizing It

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The above tweets from August of last year were posted by Dr. Laurie Rubel, secondary professor of mathematics at Brooklyn College. Her areas of expertise are alleged to be “Mathematics education, equity and diversity, probabilistic reasoning, teacher education.”

If I were to assume of my biblically committed readers a passably functioning intellect and room temperature IQ, it should be readily apparent that there are some rather glaring issues reflected in the line of “reasoning” advanced by Ms. Rubel therein. She is most certainly not alone either.

I hasten to clarify upfront that, as difficult as it may be to recognize, these people are not stupid. Stupidity would be an excuse. No, they are not stupid, they are rebels, standing nose to nose with their creator and king. Take note of the phrase “probabilistic reasoning” in her list of specialties. This is a telltale academic denial of certainty.

As we have SEEN, high intellect and analytical reason are major (but not exclusively) components of the image and likeness of God in which God created man (girls too. Genesis 5:1-2 ). There are complex philosophical questions in here that have been mused over, even by faithful Christians for centuries, but until fairly recently, nobody was overtly arguing that logical and mathematical certainty were optional in the sound exercise of intellect and reason.

By declaring that a mathematical equation such as 2 plus 2 equaling 4 reeks of “white supremacist patriarchy”, Ms. Rubel and her like-minded woke comrades have inadvertently also equated the Imago Dei with whiteness and maleness. If they were right, it would mean that only white males are created in the image and likeness of God.

Of course, this is manifestly absurd because the whole of mankind is descended from Adam and Eve who were themselves created in the image and likeness of God directly by God Himself. Broken though it is in sin, that image and likeness is present in all of their offspring, including Ms. Rubel and her clan.

With divinely decreed irony, in their attempt to demonize whiteness and maleness, they have, from a biblical standpoint, succeeded only in exalting them to an illegitimate place of prominence that they do not deserve. That is, the exclusive seat of the image and likeness of God. If logical and mathematical certainty is
exclusive to white males, then only white males actually bear the image and likeness of God.

So, in their rebellious attempt to escape the image and likeness of God in man, even to the point of questioning basic 1st Grade mathematics, the postmodern critical theorists accidentally elevate that which they loathe most of all. Naturally, they would deny this, but when somebody isn’t sure whether 2+2=4, one could be forgiven for not lending much credence to anything else they propose either.

It seems that the Lord our God has quite a sense of humor. Having been created in His image and likeness, that’s why we have one too.

Again, we should expect this kind of stiff-necked, foolish cerebral groping from the dead sinful world, but any attempt to synchronize such fractured thinking with the truth of God in Christ is nearly blasphemous arrogance on a truly spectacular scale.

2+2 inescapably = 4 for man because that’s how God designed us.

Launched in 1977 the Voyager II space probe has since traveled 11.6 billion miles from Earth. The same engineering marvels built squarely upon math and logic used to design it here on Earth those many years ago, continue to send us transmissions today reminding us that it still operates the same as it did 45 years ago from 11.6 billion miles away.

There is no escape from the image and likeness of God. God, Himself has seen to it. It seems He enjoys poking a little fun at the clueless expense of those attempting to do so.

Psalm 2:
 4-He who sits in the heavens laughs,
            The Lord scoffs at them.


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