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When the Imago Dei Goes Astray…

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In my LAST ARTICLE, we discussed the gravest danger of critical race theory for Christians. In this one, we will briefly touch on the gravest life implications when somebody is ensnared in the mind-scrambling grip of critical race theory.

Once someone has abandoned man’s God designed and ordained powers of intellect and analysis as the means by which information is gathered and examined as to it’s truth or falsity, and their own “lived experience” is erected in their place, people view themselves as their own ultimate source of truth. In the case of professing Christians, often even while vociferously denying that that’s what they’re doing.

I’ve observed two major ways that this manifests itself.

First is the amazing ability to embrace overtly contradictory concepts or interpretations of circumstances at the same time. We see this for instance in the above example of professing Christians who will jump up and down and proclaim with all passion and conviction that only Christ and His holy Word are for them the standard of truth. And this while in the same conversation, with equal passion and conviction, repeating verbatim the wildly unbiblical pronouncements of God-hating pagans like Robin DiAngelo and Ibram X Kendi. They honestly perceive no contradiction in their embracing at once both of these starkly opposing sources of information and their resulting worldviews.

The second major way I’ve observed as the manifestation of this futile attempt at suppressing the image and likeness of God in which they were created, is the willingness to believe ideas, not simply in the absence of evidence, but in the face of abundant and unassailable evidence to the contrary. I was recently in a conversation with a woman who became a first-time gun owner over the last year for her own self-protection. Good for her. Truly.

One would immediately assume that with ever-escalating black-on-black crime in this nation’s cities and the tragic loss of life happening all around us that she would be arming herself for her legitimate protection against those threats. One would also be in grave error for such a common sense and obvious assumption. She told me that she has armed herself for protection against “white men and their anger.”

The fact that every available statistic demonstrates by any reasonable analysis that she is dozens of times more likely to be assaulted by a young black man than by any white person, which white persons relatively rarely ever assault black ones, is irrelevant. Her worldly critical race theorist heroes have already told her that fragile angry white men are out to get her. When asked where they are, you get no answer. I guess they just ARE.

Yet, if you were to ask her all the relevant questions about her Christian faith, she’d give you all the right and relevant biblical answers. She sees no problem with any of this because postmodern epistemology has rendered her mind open both to embracing irreconcilable contradictions, and to believing what she wants in spite of insurmountable evidence disproving it.

There are other ways that imbibers of critical race theory manifest their attempted suppression of the image and likeness of God, but they will mostly fall into one or both of these main categories.

Though it is beyond the scope of concise articles like these, it’s important to understand that postmodernism, from which critical race theory was originally spawned, denies either that fully certain truth exists at all, or that if it does exist, it is unknowable by man. This of course immediately rules out any such thing as a settled and certain self-revelation of the one true and living God to His creatures made in His image and likeness.

We should expect this kind of foolishness from the sinful unredeemed world, but when those claiming to be blood-bought disciples of Jesus Christ attempt to smuggle this satanic deception into the household of faith, all biblical diligence must be taken to expose and expunge it. It is a weapon of division, and it’s working. It’s even worse in the case of those professing Christ because they claim, out of one side of their mouths at least, to believe the very settled and certain self-revelation of God that postmodern critical race theory, logically speaking, must deny.

As we’ve already seen however, reason (logic) and analysis–major components of the Imago Dei–once diminished, are no longer brought decisively to bear on these matters. Or any matters actually.


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