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Jory Micah Says She’s Unashamed to Dress Like a Tramp Because She’s a “Daughter of God”

by | Jul 17, 2021 | Feminism, News, Social-Issues, The Church | 0 comments

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Jory Micah, a pro-homosexual feminist who describes herself as a “pastor” who’s been preaching since she was 13, says that because she is a “daughter of God” — her words, not mine — that she can wear whatever she pleases without being ashamed.

Micah’s comment falls on the heels of a Spokane, Washington youth pastor, Bryce Brewer, who publicly apologized for setting a dress code for young girls at his church’s youth camp which disallowed swimwear that is designed to display girls’ bodies on the Alter of Asherah like a loin of pork in a butcher shop. Nonetheless, the outcry from the feminazis rang around Christendom and even made national news.

What’s most saddening about the entire ordeal is that it isn’t just Jory Micah and her ilk of rebellious dead-in-their-sins leftists defending the indefensible–Southern Baptist pastors have joined the choir as well.

Their defense not only demonstrates a lack of understanding of the entire argument against the entire industry of immodesty–they argue that since men are allowed to be shirtless, women should too. But it also demonstrates a lack of understanding of who God is and his design for women. You can argue if you like that men should be wearing shirts at the beach. But that, still, evades the bigger issue: men don’t have breasts and the parts men do have, a modest bathing suit is designed to completely cover. If not, it’s gross.

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Jory Micah’s rebellion against modesty has nothing to do with any real desire to be “equal” with men. Jory Micah finds absolutely no value in the Image of God placed within her–this is why she feels the need to advertise herself scantily clad in order to garner the applause of wicked people. She needs that to feel worthy–she is no daughter of God.

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