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False Teacher of the Day #30: Perry Noble

by | Jul 8, 2021

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Editor’s Note: There has been some confusion as to our position on alcohol at this publication. We do not believe that the Scriptures teach abstinence; however, we do believe that in our freedom of conscience, we are to use wisdom. Perry Noble obviously did not use wisdom and this article was merely painting that narrative.

Perry Noble became famous as the founder and lead pastor of Newspring Church in Anderson, SC. In 2013, during a Question and Answer session at his church, Perry Noble made a defense for Christians regularly drinking alcohol and in 2008, he preached a sermon diminishing the negative effects of drinking alcohol and lambasting the Southern Baptist Convention for passing a resolution against it. In 2016, he was fired from Newspring for being an alcoholic and being derelict in his duties as a pastor and a husband.

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Of course, simply being an alcoholic and being mean to your wife isn’t what makes you a false teacher–though it does disqualify one from the pastorate. Perry Noble’s failings are far deeper than his disqualifying actions and failure to be above reproach–Perry Noble’s theological views have seriously diverged from the Scriptures.

Perry Noble is closely aligned with the seeker-sensitive, Emergent Church, and charismatic movements–all of which are steeped in heresy. While Noble’s preaching style isn’t quite as filled with the prosperity mantras of the Word of Faith gospel as Steven Furtick’s is, it is certainly drained of any meaningful theological content and is designed to make people comfortable sitting in his pews.

In 2015, Perry Noble made headlines after preaching a controversial Christmas Eve service where he proclaimed to the congregation that God came to him and audibly told him to say to his congregation that the Ten Commandments are not actual commandments, but promises. He told his congregation that many people won’t come to Christ because they don’t believe they could live up to the commandments. He then proceeded to tell the congregation that there was not even a word in the Hebrew language for commandment.

This lie and deception brought swift correction from several apologists, including Chris Rosebrough, and James White.

Perry Noble also affirms that one can be a homosexual and still love Jesus. In a blog post, he minimizes homosexuality comparing it to obesity and says:

He is gay!  
And – he’s always been that way, at least that’s what he told me.  
He tried to be attracted to women – but – he just can’t.  
He been called a “fag” and a queer” most of his life (from…people who claim to be Christians.)  
But – he’s finally comfortable with his sexuality–and really does love Jesus.  
“But how can a person be gay and love Jesus,” you ask?  
Well – how can a person be fat and love Jesus?  
As I read about the seven deadly sins found in Scripture – gluttony is listed, abortion and homosexuality are not.  

In the same blog post, he also downplayed abortion, writing:

And so when I hear church people scream about abortion – my mind doesn’t automatically go to Bible verses and pithy sayings, but rather how many women may have chosen a different path…if the church was known more for their compassion than their condemnation.  

Maybe Planned Parenthood and the Democratic party are not to blame…

Maybe the church has responsibility as well!  

Perry Noble has now started a new church and has almost completely recovered from his loss of status as a megachurch pastor. Shortly after his removal from the pastorate at Newspring, he began making appearances at Elevation Church to preach. In 2019, he started a new church, 2nd Chance Church, which is now approaching nearly two thousand members.


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