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False Teacher of the Day #9, Becky Fischer

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But false prophets also arose among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Master who bought them, bringing upon themselves swift destruction. –2 Peter 2:1

Becky Fisher is the founder and director of Kids in Ministry International, a charismatic children’s ministry where Becky travels the world teaching children, according to her website, “the meat and deeper truths of God’s word by going beyond the basic Bible stories and teaching children biblical doctrine,” as well as “equipping them for the work of the ministry,” and “creating an atmosphere and opportunities where children can experience the presence of God on a regular basis.”

While some of these things may sound good on the surface, serious problems arise upon examination of Becky Fisher’s teachings. According to her statement of faith, she affirms the errant belief in “divine healing, through faith in the Name of Jesus Christ,” and that “healing is included in the Redemption.” This alone is an erroneous teaching that is popular among the charismatic and Pentecostal sub-Christian sects, but Fisher takes it to an even more blasphemous level by claiming the power to raise people from the dead.

Becky Fischer with the late C. Peter Wagner.

Fischer is part of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) and is part of an “apostolic” ministry network known as Harvest Ministries International. Some of the notable theological errors rampant within this network are the belief in modern-day apostles, the practice of speaking in tongues (glossolalia), and the continuation of other apostolic sign gifts including miracles, prophecy, and healings. Fischer is also a member of Global Spheres under the direction of Chuck Pierce, and the late C. Peter Wagner (founder of the NAR) and was commissioned by them in 2015.

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Fischer’s ministry is most notably known for its appearance in the 2003 documentary, Jesus Camp, which documents a summer camp that indoctrinates children into a charismatic moralization system while minimizing the actual content of the gospel message. In this documentary, she states,

It’s no wonder with that kind of intense training and disciplingΒ that those young people are ready to kill themselves for the cause of Islam. I want to see young people who are as committed to the cause of Jesus Christ as young people are to the cause of Islam. I wanna see them as radically laying down their lives for the Gospel as they are over in Pakistan and Israel and Palestine and all those different places, you know, because we have… excuse me, but we have the truth!

She believes that young children should be indoctrinated into a religious system that would lead them to kill themselves for its cause. While acknowledging that Christianity is the truth as opposed to Islam, the difference is that the Scriptures do not call Christians to commit acts of terrorism or suicide for the name of Christ. Her school of indoctrination into her false, charismatic form of Christianity should be avoided. Christianity is not achieved through indoctrination, it is achieved by the shed blood of Jesus Christ on the cross and by His grace alone. Of course, children of Christian parents should be raised and instructed in the faith, but this is not the same as indoctrination, or, as in Islam, brainwashing.

Becky is a member of Global Spheres, under the leadership of Chuck Pierce and C. Peter Wagner, and was a featured teacher at the Wagner Leadership Institute in Brazil along with Wagner and others. She was commissioned under Global Spheres in 2015. She is also a member of the Women in Ministry Network (WIMN) under false prophet Patricia King.

Fischer’s ministry is growing in popularity especially among the charismatic crowd. She targets children and parents around the world, especially in less developed countries, and deceives them with false signs and wonders. In the video below, you can see Fischer teaching children in Singapore how to “raise people from the dead.” This is completely false and Fischer is a false teacher that should be marked and avoided.


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