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It’s Time to Stop Coddling Rebellious Women Preachers and Purge Them From the Church

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Jesus said, “The zeal for Your House has consumed me (Psalm 69:9).” I wonder, has it consumed us? I would rather be accused of being rude in my zeal to keep the church pure in doctrine and behavior than to be guilty of arrogance by pretending there are some things God says that I determine for myself just aren’t first-order kind of things.

Young earth creation, a literal Adam and Eve, the Penal Substitutionary Atonement the Virgin Birth, Eternal punishment, male headship, same-sex lust, illicit divorce, absolute divine sovereignty, the list is almost endless.

Contrary to what the typical “American autonomous Christian” claims, we do not have the authority to bring that which has passed into dogma (due to its clearly revealed status) into question, just because we want to employ the modern autonomous so-called virtue of being “open.”

It is actually a sin to question whether or not God said something in cases where it is clear that Scripture claims he said something. It isn’t noble to debate it. It isn’t being “honest.” It’s being arrogant. It’s being rebellious. It’s being prideful.

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If you haven’t read Scripture on the matter, it’s fine to ask if God spoke concerning this subject. But once you have determined Scripture clearly claims he did, there is only one right response: believe it and obey it.

To open the gate for wolves to enter the flock in the name of being open and honest is as unloving and arrogant as anything a professing Christian can do. So, don’t do it. People who question the received dogma of the church not only reject their moral duty to affirm this received truth, they display a lack of proper zeal for the House of God. Proper zeal is zeal that is informed by revealed knowledge, true knowledge, accurate knowledge of God.

Modern men wave a wand and think they can erase historic Christian doctrine and at the same time complain that I am rude all the while ignoring that their arrogance fills the entire universe. It’s time to stop coddling these rebels masquerading as Christians and purge them from the ranks of the Church.


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