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Prominent Evangelist Banned From American Airlines After Preaching, No Reason or Recourse

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Prominent Evangelist, Mike Gendron of Proclaiming the Gospel, who is known for his defense of the gospel against counterfeit perversions of the gospel like Roman Catholicism, says he was banned from American Airlines after traveling to Green Bay to preach at a local church.

Gendron says that during his flight back to Dallas, he was stopped at the airport in Green Bay and told that he could not continue his trip home on American Airlines. “Two days later, when we arrived at the airport in Green Bay to fly back home,” Gendron told Reformation Charlotte. “I was told that I could no longer fly on AA because I violated the face mask mandate on flight 1408.”

Gendron says that he wore his mask during the entire flight, yet, he was stranded in Green Bay and had to pay for a hotel and a flight on another airline.

Two days later, Gendron stated, he received an email from American Airlines Security informing him of his permanent ban from the airlines for the “facemask incident.” The email, according to Gendron, read,

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Due to a recent β€˜incident’ regarding our policy on face mask coverings on American Airlines flight 1408 on April 9, 2021 between DFW-ORD, future travel on all American Airlines flights, including all code-share flights, will be denied and future reservations will not be honored.

Gendron said that over the course of the next week, he argued with two different customer service representatives denying the accusations against him for not wearing the face mask. He says that he “did not even have a conversation with any flight attendant except to ask for a cup of water.”

Gendron is a long-time loyal customer of American Airlines and is considered a “million miler” as he now holds close to 2 million air miles with the airline. “This is indeed a strange way to run an airline and an outrageous and disgraceful way to treat a once loyal, longtime customer,” Gendron said.

Gendron believes that his being banned from the airline has nothing to do with a face mask incident, for which the airline refuses to provide a copy of the report. Instead, Gendron believes that a disgruntled flight attendant probably recognized him and filed a false report against him as retaliation.

“Many are suggesting that one of the Chicago-based flight attendants may have recognized me and my ministry to rescue Catholics from religious deception,” Gendron said. “Most think this had nothing to do with wearing a mask but more to do with who I am and the ministry I have been directing for over 30 years.”

May be an image of 1 person, airplane and text that says 'Warning to American Airlines Passengers False accusations from flight attendants can put you on the "no fly list" until the mask mandate is lifted. was refused a copy of the "incident" report and refused due process to prove my innocence. was refused a refund for the return flight that they banned me from flying. ← EXIT'


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