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Lutheran Church to Host “Queer Camp” This Summer for LGBTQ Teens

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If you want to turn your children away from God and indoctrinate them into a godless lifestyle and existence apart from the grace of Jesus Christ, what better way to do it than send them to church camp?

No, seriously. It seems as though the vast majority of churches today are nothing more than secular apologetic seminars that are devoted to leading people away from God and straight into the pits of Hell. All of the mainline Protestant denominations have essentially departed from their foundation of biblical inerrancy and authority and have given themselves to secular causes–most of them are now fully engulfed in LGBTQ ideology.

One Lutheran church in Fayetteville, Arkansas will be hosting a “Queer Camp” for teens this summer–because that’s what those teens who are struggling with sexual immorality need from a church.

Shepherd Lutheran Church, pastored by Clint Schnekloth, will be hosting the camp for teens with abnormal sexual desires and their families to promote acceptance, tolerance, and celebration of the LGBTQ lifestyle. Despite the fact that God hates sexual sin, the “Queer Camp” will feature such things as relationship skills, yoga training, theater, makeup artists, and most importantly, a “processing component about gender identity and sexual orientation.”

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The camp, according to the registration website “will be an inclusive setting where our LGTBQ+ youth and allies can feel safe, celebrated, loved, and valued by each other and their community” and will “provide a unique opportunity that allows them to let loose and have fun being who they are without any hesitation or fear of judgement.”

“This is the first time for us hosting this camp, with this topic,” Schnekloth told a local news outlet. “We’ve done summer camps around interfaith connection like faith and science in the past but this is our first time doing one that’s specifically for the LGBT community and allies.”

Of course, anyone with any actual biblical convictions knows that putting sexual deviants together in a crowded space will likely not end favorably with God. What these children and their families need is the gospel, something which they will not get at these LGBTQ indoctrination centers. It would certainly be helpful to us all if these hell-holes would stop referring to themselves as “churches” and just call themselves what they actually are–Synagogues of Satan.


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