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Woke Christian Definitions: Love Your Neighbor

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We often hear certain phrases used in woke Christendom that sound biblical. However, like most cults, the cult of anti-racism redefines biblical terms to mean something completely different from its biblical definition.

Today’s term is “love your neighbor.”

Term: Love Your Neighbor

Biblical Definition: to look upon other human beings as fellow image-bearers, to treat people justly, with compassion, kindness, and forgiveness, fulfilling the law of God.

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Woke Definition: to tear down all barriers to an equitable social, financial, and political outcome among all people, at the expense of law and order, social and political stability, and national or individual sovereignty.

Example: Russell Moore says that when it comes to illegal immigrants, we should “love our neighbors.” The rational, biblically-minded person would assume this means that we should treat them with compassion, yet, still obey the law. What Russell Moore means, however, is that Christians should seek to abolish immigration laws, open the borders to swaths of immigrants, give them free healthcare, food, and shelter at the expense of our economy and national sovereignty, ultimately leading to destruction and instability for all–producing equal poverty for all people.

Example: Russell Moore says that we should love our neighbor by getting a coronavirus vaccine. What he means is, at the expense of your own individual sovereignty, you should elevate the perceived benefit of the collective over the risk of your own, or your family’s, health risks. By not getting the vaccine, he says we are “killing our neighbor.”


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