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Daily Dose of Woke Church: Duke Kwon Twists Scripture to Support Reparations

by | Apr 6, 2021 | News | 0 comments

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Duke Kwon of The Gospel Coalition and author of A Christian Call for Repentance and Repair–which is anything but Christian and repairs nothing–attempts to argue his case for reparations by twisting the meaning of the biblical passage of The Good Samaritan to say that Christians should, like the Good Samaritan, take up the cause of repaying what other people owe, even if you didn’t directly cause any harm.

First off restitution was between individuals in the law. There is no debt to the greater society there’s nothing about any type of indirect sin unless you want to count the priests fleecing the people of God–but again that’s the people of God.

Of course, we all know that Jesus in Luke 10:25-37 isn’t making a case for reparations–but those whose life revolves around racial division and tension will twist the case. Besides the fact that ethnic groups are not oppressed in America–people from all over the world flee to America to escape oppression–to suggest that Christians have a moral obligation to take up social justice cause which is effectively socialism is vastly unbiblical.

The parable of the Good Samaritan is not about charity, it was an illustration that Jesus was using to expose the hypocrisy and dead-heartedness of the Pharisees.

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Even if we are to take the principal that says it’s loving and kind and godly to help those who have actually been harmed by others, that is still at individual level. We could decide to do that for somebody and it would be pleasing to God. But that has nothing to do with forcing other people to give up their goods for something they personally had nothing to do with.

And gleaning from this passage that Christians need to devote their lives to fighting for social and financial equity among all people is quite the leap from being a good neighbor and helping someone out who is truly in need.

These self-flagellating, self-righteous liberals like Duke Kwon and his ilk from The Gospel Coalition have amongst themselves all the money that would ever be needed to help everybody they think needs help. That would require a drastic downgrade of their own personal standard of living though. They’re never going to do that. They would rather have the larger pagan society do it with somebody else’s money so they can feel good about it. That’s the nature of virtue signaling. I am a righteous person because I am for this or that cause.

Ironically, Duke Kwon and these clowns can’t see the fact that they are doing exactly the thing they are preaching against in this passage by advocating for everyone else to pitch in and pay for these reparations. That makes Duke Kwon just like these Pharisees.

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