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Australian Denomination Ordains First “Transgender” Person as a Minister

by | Apr 1, 2021

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In this day and age, nothing should surprise anyone anymore. While Romans 1 gives us a description of the state of the world in that day, it is also a description for the vast falling away we see in our society today. We live in a Romans 1 world–and it’s getting worse.

As the visible Church continues to apostatize, more and more denominations are, as described in Romans 1, exchanging the truth about God and embracing lies–like transgenderism–and turning to sexual immorality. It has happened time and time again. Like the apostate denominations in America and elsewhere, i.e. the United Methodist Church, the ELCA, and the Presbyterian Church USA, more and more headlines are being made as these counterfeit people of God compete to out-apostatize one-another by ordaining the sexually deviant into pastoral office.

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One denomination in Australia, the Sydney Uniting Church, recently made headlines as it ordained its first “transgender woman,” meaning, a man who dresses like a woman, into the pastorate.

ABC Australia reports,

When Reverend Josephine ‘Jo’ Inkpin was inducted into the Uniting Church as a minister earlier this month, there were “tears of joy”.

In a first for Australia, Reverend Inkpin became the first openly trans person to be inducted into a mainstream church.

For much of her career, she served as a priest within the Anglican Church. After coming out and continuing to serve in the Anglican Church Southern Queensland for four years, she moved to serve in the Uniting Church, where she felt it was the best place to flourish.

Reverend Inkpin was the first church leader to come out as transgender in Australia, and on March 14 she again made history:

“No-one has actually been appointed and given a licence,” she explained.

That licence sees Reverend Inkpin lead the congregation at Sydney’s Pitt Street Uniting Church.

Lord Jesus, please return soon.



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