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JD Greear Mocks God’s Design for Women, Says They Should Take “Spiritual Authority”

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What God loves, those who mock him hate. This appears to be what Southern Baptist president, JD Greear is doing in a sermon he gave several years ago titled The Church Needs More Deborahs. In this sermon, he made the argument that despite what the Scriptures clearly teach, God gives to women the same spiritual gifts he gives to men.

This is patently false–the Scriptures clearly teach that God gifts men and women for different roles. Among those roles, which Greear mocks, is the role of women in the home.

Downplaying the role of the wife, of whom God created to fulfill his good purpose of finding a suitable helper for man (Genesis 2), Geear downplays as insufficient and unsatisfying. “There is a myth alive today that men should be taught deep, rich theology,” Greear mocks, as he completely misrepresents the traditional, biblical complementarian position, “while women should learn how to match their curtains with their pillows, or how to be a good housewife, or how to not feel sad on rainy days.”

He then continues to mock the woman’s role, essentially telling them that if they’re obedient to Scripture and submissive to their husband, they’re not good enough.

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“Your role is not to sit on the sidelines, make casseroles, and have kids,” he mocks, calling the godly wife’s submission to her husband and ministry to her children “simple.” “You are not simply your husband’s wife or your children’s mother. So do you know your calling? Have you risen up to obey it? Like Deborah, you need to get in the fight.”

Greear argues that anything a man, who isn’t ordained as a pastor, can do, a woman can do. Besides the fact that the Scriptures clearly teach otherwise–a woman must not teach or exercise authority over a man, but must remain quiet (1 Timothy 2:12)–the absurdity of this argument couldn’t be more flagrant. Women obviously can’t do anything a man can do–neither in the home or the church. Is this errant belief why Greear says he would use the “preferred pronouns” of “transgender” people?

It’s no wonder feminism and leftism are taking over Evangelicalism. Sadly, this thinking is becoming far more prominent in our society.


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