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Private “Christian” School Bans Gendered Terms Like “Mom” and “Dad”

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Millstone, meet neck!

The American Episcopal Church–a highly apostate sect with its foundations in the Anglican Church–is anything but Christian. The “church” abandoned its first love many decades ago and has become nothing more than an indoctrination hell-hole into queer theory.

While the organization still claims to be Christian, like Satan, it doesn’t use the Word of God to worship God, but to blaspheme Him and to tempt children into sin. Through its many schools and churches around the nation, the Episcopal Church has turned many hearts away from God and the truth only to embrace a worldview that is devoid of any semblance of rational thought and moral reasoning.

Apart from God, this “church” is a temple of idols–a synagogue of Satan.

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Nothing can be more evident of this truth than its embrace of sexual immorality and its departure from sound biblical doctrine in teaching children about morality. One temple of Baal-worship in New York City, a private Episcopal school, Grace Church School, has now banned gendered terms by its students. Students can’t say “mom” or “dad” and their logic for defending this insanity is, well, insane.

In its “Gender Inclusive Language Guide,” published by the school, it states, “Using gender inclusive language can provide critical affirmation to students across the gender spectrum. One way to achieve this is to take gender out of text where it’s unnecessary.” It then gives examples of these “unnecessary” gendered terms and acceptable alternatives, including,

  • “boys and girls”, “guys”, “ladies and gentlemen,” should instead be, “people,” “folks,” “friends,” “readers,” “mathematicians…”
  • when reading a book, rather than “the boy/girl on this page,” it should be, “child, person, character”
  • instead of “mom” or “dad,” one should say “grown-ups,” “folks,” or “family,”
  • and instead of assuming gender based on stereotypes (hair, clothing, appearance), one should “respectfully ask how they identify” and ask them their “preferred pronouns.”

The “gender-inclusive” guide goes on to explain how, despite objective truth and reality, boys can be girls and girls can be boys–and they don’t have to pick either one of those.

““Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him if a great millstone were hung around his neck and he were thrown into the sea.” –Mark 9:42


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