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Tim Keller Blames Persecution on Christians Because We Hurt Homosexuals’ Feelings

by | Mar 10, 2021

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Tim Keller has become completely useless to the Church and does not represent the Scriptures or minister the gospel in any meaningful way. Keller–who is completely given over to the social justice gospel and makes the absurd claim that if you have white skin, “you’re involved in injustice”–now blames persecution on Christians saying that they brought this on themselves by saying mean things about gays.

For twenty years, [Christian nationalists] sent out letters talking about how you gotta send us money because the gay people are going to try to come and take your children away and because they’re evil and because Democrats on the left are going to destroy your religious liberty…they just said awful things and vilified people. It’s one of the reasons gay activists now just don’t want to forgive Evangelicals.

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I am not in denial that ten years from now if you have Evangelical convictions about sex and gender, you may not be able to work for a major university, or for the government, or for a big corporation. And it’s not that Christians haven’t faced that in other places in the past, we shouldn’t be cry babies. Nevertheless, having said all that, we nurtured this. And Christian nationalists used that, and therefore we brought it on ourselves. Even though

Of course, everything those “Christian Nationalists” said for the last twenty years is actually coming true. Homosexuals and Democrats are after our children and the Democrats are pushing a bill that will completely strip a Christian’s right to worship and practice his faith freely and openly.



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