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“Pro-Life Evangelicals for Biden” Shocked and Surprised Biden Wants to Murder Babies

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Reformation Charlotte warned for months that this new group which is calling themselves “Pro-Life Evangelicals For Biden” was stepping into a mess they would not be able to dig themselves out of. And, as usual, we were correct. Last year, prior to the election, a band of left-wing Evangelicals banded together to sign an anti-Trump, pro-Biden statement calling on Christians to vote for Joe Biden because, well, Trump says mean things to Rosie O’Donnell.

Among the original signers of the statement include several well-known evangelicals including Christianity Today Board Chair emeritus, John Huffman, Fuller Seminary president emeritus, Richard Mouw, Billy Graham’s Granddaughter, Jerusha Duford, President emeritus Westminster Theological Seminary, Samuel T. Logan, and several others.

The statement boasted financial reasons — not sin — as the most common reason women commit abortions and endorses Joe Biden’s socialism and wealth redistribution as the antidote.

Now, these “Pro-life” “Evangelicals” for Baby Murderers are just shocked! Shocked, I tell ya! … that Joe Biden and the Democrats want to increase abortions and that their idiotic leftists policies aren’t actually doing anything to stop women from having more abortions.

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“We feel used and betrayed and have no intention of simply watching these kinds of efforts happen from the sidelines,” they wrote in a new statement yesterday after finding out that the Democrats are using the COVID-19 package to gut the Hyde Amendment which protects the conscience of Christian business owners who don’t want to pay for their employee’s abortions. “Many evangelicals and Catholics took risks to support Biden publicly. President Biden and Democrats need to honor their courage.”

If this wasn’t so said, it would be funny. The sad reality is, these people knew what they were getting. They knew the Democrat party was a snake when they picked it up, and they acted foolishly and selfishly anyways.

Leave the presence of a fool,
    for there you do not meet words of knowledge.
–Proverbs 14:7

The entire statement is printed below:



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