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The Left Wants to Cancel Dr. Seuss, But Push Drag Queen Story Hour on Your Kids

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If you’ve been keeping up with the news, you’re probably aware that the lunatic left wants to cancel Dr. Seuss because of it’s “insensitivity” toward minorities. And apparently, the company that prints and sells Dr. Seuss’ books has caved to their pressure.

The Associate Press reports that Dr. Seuss has named at least six books that the company will no longer sell,

In โ€œAnd to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street,โ€ an Asian person is portrayed wearing a conical hat, holding chopsticks, and eating from a bowl. โ€œIf I Ran the Zooโ€ includes a drawing of two bare-footed African men wearing what appear to be grass skirts with their hair tied above their heads.

Yet, these same leftists who called for the cancellation of Dr. Seuss are the same lunatics that want to push transgender ideology and queer theory onto 3-year-olds. Libraries, public schools, and even churches have been hosting a twisted event called Drag Queen Story Hour where parents and teachers will take their children and hand them over to sex perverts for an hour to be groomed and indoctrinated into queer ideology.

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Reformation Charlotte has consistently covered the happenings of the Drag Queen Story Hour phenomenon that is plaguing the country. Public libraries around the country are advertising this sickness to children well under 5-years-old.

It should never be shocking that a man who canโ€™t even figure out which sports team heโ€™s supposed to play is also unable to figure out that certain sex acts are illegal. This is why many of these sexual aberrants have landed legalย charges and even criminal convictionsย of sexual assault and various other sex-related crimes over the span of their lifetimes.

Yet, none of this matters to the left because, to them, the sexualization of young children is their goal. To them, sexual anarchy is their endgame and it is an indication of the judgment of God on a nation that has turned its back on Him. The hypocrisy is blatant and they don’t even attempt to hide it anymore. There is no more normalcy in this world and Christians better realize that sane and rational people are in the minority.


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