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Congressman who Slept With Chinese Spy Refers to God as a Woman, Says “God, Herself”

by | Feb 14, 2021

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As feminism has taken over the left — whereby men can’t even so much as identify as men without the wrath of rebellious women — the ultimate lack of fear of God is blatant. These foolish rulers of our nation fear women instead; a sure sign of God’s wrath on this nation.

But to blaspheme God himself, who clearly reveals himself as masculine in the Scriptures, is mocked daily by these clowns.

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Democratic U.S. Representative Eric Swalwell, who was caught compromising national security by giving himself over in a sexual relationship with a Chinese spy, refers to God as a woman. In this spiteful display of blasphemy against our creator, this man demonstrates just how far gone the lunatic left is.

In response to the lack of willingness to convict Donald Trump of “inciting insurrection” by the Senate Republicans, Swalwell says:

Mitch McConnell was already telling us that he believed the challenge was a jurisdictional one. So we could have called God herself and the Republicans weren’t going to be willing to convict.


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