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Rick Warren’s Church Makes “Kung Fu” Kid’s Video, Asians Flip Out Over “Racism”

by | Feb 3, 2021 | News, Racialism, Social-Issues, The Church | 0 comments

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I’m no fan of Emergent pastor of Saddleback Church, Rick Warren, but this is just stupid. Rick Warren’s church recently created a kid’s video for their Sunday School classes that a pastor dressed in traditional Chinese clothing while slicing up a fish “Kung Fu” style. While the video was dumb and has nothing to do with Scripture, that wasn’t the problem that caused Rick Warren to issue a public apology.

It was … wait for it … RACISM!

Yes, the video was RACIST, according to an Asian anti-American acitivist who, in her Twitter profile, features the phrase “AMERICA = VIOLENCE.”

Judy Wu Dominick, who apparently hates this country — that her Taiwanese parents fled to as immigrants to raise her in — took serious issue with the video. She writes, “So many Asian kids have been demeaned by stereotypical portrayals like this, & when it’s in church curricula, the unwitting message is that God is ok w/it too.”

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These left-wing cultural activists are really weird. On the one hand, they want America to embrace diverse cultures and celebrate them. But on the other hand, when we do, it’s RACIST! Of course, the only person that would take issue with with this video is someone who views these cultures as inherently bad — and that would make Dominick the racist.

Nonetheless, Warren felt the need to bow to the cultural sensitivity cult and issued an apology asking for forgiveness. Warren said in a statement he was “upset and embarrassed” by the video. 

“My instant fear was that the thousands of Asian American children who are a part of our church family would feel made fun of and that their families and so many others would rightfully be offended,” he said. 

He continued: “This is the very kind of cultural and racial insensitivity that we’re trying to eradicate in our church family. It’s unchristlike, demeaning, and it’s never appropriate to use a stereotype to teach.”

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