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Reformed Apologist Calls on SBC leaders, Danny Akin, JD Greear, to “Man Up!”

by | Feb 3, 2021

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Reformed apologist, Dr. James White, called on “anemic” Southern Baptist leaders to “man up” during a recent episode of his webcast, the Dividing Line.

If you’ve been following the recent saga in the wake of Southern Baptist pastors comparing Kamala Harris to Jezebel — which has leftists up in arms — you may be aware that Southern Baptist president, JD Greear along with Southeastern Seminary president, Danny Akin, have taken passive aggressive effeminate positions calling on these pastors to essentially “be nice.”

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Greear issued a statement on Twitter stating “I realize that some pastors are likely unaware of the history of certain racial stereotypes in calling or comparing our Vice President to Jezebel, but that doesn’t make such statements any less unwise.”

And Danny Akin issued this response, “Disappointing and uncalled for. I do not agree with @POTUS and @VP on many issues. But I will pray for them and ask God to work in and though them for His great glory.”

This prompted White to address these SBC leaders in a priceless rant:

If that’s all you can do, don’t waste the key strokes…Where’s the sermon from JD Greear, because, remember, he’s the one that says “God whispers about sexual sin — where is his sermon identifying the Equality Act as an abomination from the pit of Hell? Don’t tell me he doesn’t know what Testosterone does to a thirteen-year-old girl’s body. Don’t tell me he hasn’t taken the time to read irreversible damage, and read the descriptions of what happens to a thirteen-year-old girl’s body when you inject her with Testosterone for weeks on end. Aside from changing her voice, making her chin broader, there are certain female parts that atrophy and may never recover. Where are the sermons about the moral evils of that? These guys are dads, they have daughters. What are you doing? Man up!


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