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Six Ways to Write a Good Essay on Political Science

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With dozens of essays to write, students often face problems with time-management. Many undergraduates work, and they don’t have sufficient time to complete all the assignments. Every writing task needs to be written according to the proper structure and format. Political Science holds its position among the disciplines students study the most.

Indeed, substantial career prospects, the ability to travel the world, and most importantly, financial independence seduce people to study Political Science. If you are among such students, you need to know how to write good papers. This will help you pass the exams with flying colors and increase your chances of getting the desired job. Take a look at the most efficient ways to write peerless essays on Political Science.

Understand The Prompt

Politics is a tricky field where you continuously have to prove your stance, remain objective, and use your critical thinking ability. Professors know that, and they aspire to develop these aspects from the first class. When you have the prompt, evaluate it. What does it require? Does it have a clear argument? Or maybe, on the contrary, it wants you to find and develop it? This pre-writing step is crucial if you want to complete the paper and meet all the instructions. The devil is in the details, remember that, and one unfamiliar word can make your essay irrelevant. Whatever the content you have, you will get F if not reveal the topic.

Research Is Crucial

The moment you start your academic path, you must realize that you must be objective and reasonable. Academic writing is one of the most critical things determining the individual’s objectivity and critical thinking. Every paper must have credible sources that are no older than five years from the current day.

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That is why try to treat research as an integral part of writing home assignments. The sources must be valid, authoritative, and modern, which means they can’t be published before 2015. Some students tend to face difficulties finding credible sources. They don’t know what and where to look for such evidence. As a result, their works are oversaturated with Wikipedia links, which results in a fail. Experts from WritingCheap recommend students be on the safe side and use good old Google Scholar and JSTOR to find reliable material to include in the paper.

Moreover, they emphasize a handy tip – if the mentioned web pages are not enough because you write an extensive assignment, you can go to Wikipedia, jump to the end of the page, and look for sources used to write the article. Having these sources in front of you, you can check them manually and decide whether they pertain to the topic or not.

Skip The Introduction

Undoubtedly, you have to write it. The introduction is as valuable as the other parts. However, when writing the first draft, you can omit it for a while and focus on the central part. A plethora of undergraduates claims that they have problems with writing the introduction. They fail in writing the opening sentence, entertaining the reader, and providing a thesis statement. Having the body section written helps them work on the introduction. This is a good strategy if you can relate to the issue. But be that as it may, you still have to be prepared for writing the body section.

First off, you need to have an outline. It is a condensed plan for your forthcoming paper. It helps you remain organized and write only the essential points. The good thing is that this plan is not usually assigned. This means you can write it and benefit from it in whatever form. However, this good thing has the other side of the coin. Since professors do not ask to compose outlines, students do not craft them even for personal purposes.

Writing an outline will not take much of your time. You don’t have to make it large and follow a specific format. Just ensure writing it so that you can understand what thoughts you need to develop within the paper. When you have the outline, you can write the body part in the blink of an eye. And when you have the latter, you can proceed either to the conclusion or to the introduction.

Brainstorm Ideas

Professors of the best universities have been teaching an excellent brainstorming strategy to make students think outside of the box. No matter what topic you are writing about, you can come up with significant and unparalleled ideas. The brainstorming session comprises three steps. They are as follows:

  1. The first session brings common ideas. The vast majority of people will have the same concepts when thinking about the subject. These thoughts are neither good nor bad. You can still write your paper using them. However, you will be highly unlikely to get the desired grade. Therefore, you have to keep brainstorming.
  2. The second session brings less ordinary ideas. If 80% of people had the same idea during the first session, this time, the percentage is two times lower. Indeed, your ideas will appear less frequently in your peers’ papers. However, it is still possible that professors will spot similar thoughts when checking different essays.
  3. The third session brings exclusive ideas. If you aspire to get A+, you have to undertake this brainstorming strategy. The ideas revealed after the third series of brainstorming are one of a kind. As a result, your piece will be based on unique arguments that will increase your chances of getting the highest grade.

Free Writing Technique

If you are short on time, you can utilize this technique. Even if you include arguments unveiled within the first brainstorming session, it doesn’t necessarily mean the work is low-quality. The Freewriting technique is a good way to accelerate your writing speed and make you write the first draft as quickly as possible. All you need is to set up a timer and start writing. During the determined time frame, make sure to focus on the essay. It will help you get rid of various distractions and think about the assignment. Do not worry about the paper content. Hardly can it be of the highest quality when you try to complete it speedily. Quality is not the most important thing right here. After all, this is just a draft, and you will check it further several times.

Thoroughly Edit And Proofread

Editing and proofreading are no less crucial than researching and brainstorming. When you have a draft in your hands, it would be best if you could leave it for some time and get back to it later. Employ useful tools that will polish your paper to shine. A spellchecker Grammarly and a readability score app Hemingway will serve as the best apps to attain that.

On top of that, ask your friends, colleagues, or family members to reread your final version. Nine times out of ten, you will have some hidden mistakes in it. But correcting them before submitting the paper is a better option than getting a lower grade, let’s face it. Finally, make sure you have met the correct formatting style. Aside from the mentioned app, you can use Citation Machine to create proper in-text citations and a bibliography.


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