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Parents Lose Custody of Teen Daughter After Refusing to Commit to Sex Change

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The parents of a “transgender” teenage girl — born a female, still a female, and will always be a female — has lost custody of their daughter after refusing to commit to hormone therapy to effect a sex change.

According to The Australian, a judge ruled that the confused teenage girl who wants to “transition” into a boy — an obviously impossible feat to any sane person — on the balance of probabilities, had suffered verbal abuse “related to his feelings and expression of gender identity.”

We know that from a purely scientific perspective, the transition of one sex to another is impossible as it would require altering the DNA of every cell in the body to either remove the Y chromosome or to insert a Y chromosome, and then regenerating and regrowing nearly every organ in the body. It simply is not possible.

But more, from a philosophical and logical perspective, common sense tells sane people that objectively, we are what we are and our gender — part of the core of who we are — is not fluid and changeable.

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Nonetheless, activist judges and politicians are on the prowl to seeking to devour every last semblance of sanity and logical thought. In recent months, Australia has implemented a number of anti-Christian and anti-conservative policies that seek to destroy Christianity and the Christian family. Conversion therapy has been banned in most of the country and the “Change or Suppression (Conversion) Practices Prohibition Bill 2020,” practitioners face a $10,000 fine and up to 10 years in prison.

These policies have been criticized by the Australian Christian Lobby which argues that parents are left vulnerable to criminalization for refusing to accept and allow their child’s “gender transition.”

β€œThe biggest lie relates to the existence of coercion and abuse in this area. Those practices are not happening in Australia, as already noted by other state governments. The Bill digs up relics of the past as an excuse to ban innocent practices like the teaching of Scripture, friends praying for each other, and parents affirming their kids’ biology, to name a few,” said ACL managing director, Martyn Iles.

β€œThe Bill lies about the existence of LGBT people who want to embrace their faith and live according to the standards of their faith. The Bill guarantees they cannot seek voluntary pastoral support, pretending these Australians do not exist.”

“The Bill lies about who is converting who. A child may be introduced to the idea of gender fluidity and encouraged to explore transgender identity, but a parent cannot then affirm the same child in their biological sex. That parent risks becoming a family violence offender under this Bill.”


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