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The Gospel Coalition Says We Can Find “Kingdom Values” in Both Political Parties

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Some of the stupidest, most asinine anti-Christian rhetoric comes out of the progressive wing of Christianity, also known as The Gospel Coalition. The Gospel Coalition is a loosely-affiliated network of progressive Evangelicals that serve to undermine both the political and theological conservatism of historic biblical Christianity. For them, to undermine conservatism and take what they claim to be a “neutral” stance toward politics is actually moving the Church to the left since the Church is, by biblical definition, conservative.

The Gospel Coalition, for the last several years, has been ferociously attacking the conservative Church and promoting the idea that Christians can come in all kinds of “flavors” and hold to a spectrum of political ideas. For them, Democrats and Republicans are no different — neither of them are “Christian.” Of course, it’s true that neither of them are Christian, but to pretend that they are not different is absurd.

In a recent article at The Gospel Coalition titled The Ballot Booth Is Not Your Baptism, Cameron Triggs makes the assertion that the Church is strengthened by both leftist and conservative politics. “Diversity is a strength,” he says.

“Political diversity among Christians is not new. Actually, in the light of church history and in the context of global Christianity, what we see in America is quite mild,” he continues, “We need to check ourselves here. Any claim that true Christians must vote a certain way or align with a particular temporal, human political program downplays the complexity and diversity of how faithful Christians have engaged politics in other times and places.”

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“From Moses to Jesus, the kingdom has always had both political zealots and tax collectors, all stumbling together to follow God. For good reason, God has enough grace to allow all repenting sinners to enter. Our diversity of opinion actually shows off God’s refusal to be pigeonholed or co-opted by any one party or nation.”

Triggs shows a complete lack of understanding of the gospel, its transformative power, and what repentance actually is. He asserts that “God has enough grace to allow all repenting sinners to enter,” but then fails to acknowledge that repentance actually requires a change. Repentance isn’t continuing to favor such atrocities as abortion, homosexual marriage, theft, lawlessness, and, of course, the stripping of religious freedoms from the Church. It goes without saying that these are all the part of the Democrat party platform. The Democrat party is the “Opposition to God” party — officially.

Yes, Jesus allowed repenting sinners to join. Yes, Jesus saved political zealots and tax-collectors. And guess what happened when he saved them — they repented of their sin.

The Democrat Party is sin. Period. There is no way around it. It is true that the Republican Party is far from perfect, but the conservative platform is the only platform that a Christian can align themselves with. Triggs, however, says we can find “Kingdom Values” in both political parties.

“Neither of the two major U.S. political parties is explicitly Christian,” he writes, “Yes, we can find kingdom values in both platforms. But we would be foolish to think either party is ultimately concerned with ushering in the kingdom of God and submitting to biblical ethics.”

This is utter foolishness. The Democrat party has completely denounced “Kingdom values” and serves to oppose them in everyway and, not only that, but to completely strip the Church’s ability to hold to them.

Further, to pretend like The Gospel Coalition isn’t heavily involved in politics — it is the epicenter of the politically-charged “racial reconciliation” movement — is to be completely dishonest. The Gospel Coalition has been nothing more than a political action campaign for the Democrat party and has done nothing except turn a large portion of the Church into an effeminate, neutered institution that no longer has the ability to speak to the conscience of the world through the gospel or biblical truth.


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