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Media Ignores Mass Shooting Killing 4-YO White Boy by Black Man as Country Faces Racial Division

by | Oct 1, 2020

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Early Monday morning in Struthers, Ohio, a mass shooting took place at the hands of a man by the name of Kimonie Bryant who is now in County Jail, according to WKBN.

Kimonie broke into the residence of the boy and began shooting indiscriminately, killing the 4-YO boy and wounding several others. One man was shot in the head twice and was in critical condition, another was shot in the back, and two women were both shot in the leg and hip area. All were in the hospital and currently there is no update on their condition.

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David Sweeney, the boy’s father, issued a public plea following the shooting during a press release for the suspect to turn himself in to police after the heinous crime claimed the life of his son.

“Whoever did this, man, just turn yourself in,” Sweeney said. “Just be a man, dude. Just be a man. You’re sick. You’re just sick. You took my son from me. This is my baby boy. You took him because you’re sick. You can live with that for the rest of your life, but this is my baby.”

Shortly after the press conference, the man turned himself in. However, the national media has ignored this shooting in the midst of riots, chaos, destruction, and anarchy in the wake of racialized narrative of white-on-black shootings.

WKBN identified the other victims as 20-year-old Andre Stephon McCoy, of Youngstown, 30-year-old Yarnell Green Jr., of Youngstown, 20-year-old Cassandra Marsicola, of Campbell and 22-year-old Alexis Schneider, of Struthers.


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