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Atlanta Church Withdraws from SBC Because Al Mohler Supports Trump

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Earlier this year, Al Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and the most influential leader in the Southern Baptist Convention, announced that despite his previous grudge against the current president, he’d be supporting Donald Trump in the 2020 elections.

Before the 2016 elections, Mohler, along with many others, were vocally opposed to Donald Trump. Trump, a man who has made some unbecoming comments — particularly about women — at times during his life, was well-hated by the likes of Russell Moore, another influential leader in the denomination, to the point that it drew the ire of the then presidential nominee who said Moore was a “nasty guy.” Trump was right, and still is. However, Mohler recently admitted that Trump surprised him with many of his conservative policies and his ability to carry them through and in light of the alternative, conservatives needed a “different strategy” [from opposing Trump].

But that didn’t sit well with many of Mohler’s leftist colleagues in the denomination who are given to a theology of social justice and a philosophy of Marxism. Mohler, himself, is certainly sympathetic to this movement and has done little himself to oppose it. Mohler had been seen as a staunch ally in the evangelical social justice movement.

That has all changed and though Mohler is still a fence-rider, one black pastor in Atlanta has announced that his church is withdrawing from the Southern Baptist Convention because Mohler now supports Trump — an idiotic reason if there ever was one.

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John Onwuchekwa, pastor of Cornerstone Church in Atlanta, wrote in a piece titled 4 Reasons We Left the SBC, one of his reasons being “Unhealthy Partisanship” :

Although the SBC represents a diverse array of churches across the political spectrum, the denomination conducts itself in a manner that is extremely partisan. (i.e. Influential churches vocal about pulling funding from the SBC when Russell Moore spoke out against basic human decency issues regarding President Trump in 2016; Pence’s invitation and subsequent address at the SBC in one of the most polarizing political cycles of my lifetime; Al Mohler, the President of the largest SBC Seminary and apparent incumbent President of the SBC, using his public platform at T4G to endorse President Trump and reaffirm his personal lifelong allegiance to the Republican Party…and the list goes on and on).

Of course, anyone who knows what the Scriptures teach about morality understands that a Christian who claims to follow Christ can have nothing to do with the Democrat party. Onwuchekwa’s other reasons included a lack of fighting racial injustice, “shallow solutions” for racial injustice, and not paying enough attention to racial injustice. In other words, the race idolater is leaving the SBC because the denomination that has already been given over to a social justice racialism cause isn’t, well, quite “woke” enough for this guy.

Anyone who thinks that by trying to placate these people with social justice are deceiving themselves. They are not after reconciliation or racial justice. They are accusers of the brethren, divisive, and hateful — the vast majority unregenerate — and they should all be avoided. They throw hissy fits to serve their own appetites and this is just another attempt to get attention and sympathy.


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