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Law and Order Easily Restored in Seattle’s CHAZ/CHOP “Autonomous Zone”

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As we’ve watched the systemic escalation of immaturity and childish behavior take over one of Seattle’s neighborhoods over the last few weeks, many wondered if law and order would ever be restored or is this neighborhood — which declared itself “autonomous” from any government — would eventually, in some silly way, become a new recognized nation in and of itself. Thankfully, it didn’t.

What we actually witnessed was a glimpse of irrational leftist thought coupled with a desire to install a Marxist Socialist Utopia devoid of any semblance of governance. And what actually happened was — as predicted — societal decay in the hands of leftists.


And as the Seattle’s leftist mayor, Jenny Durkan, who originally supported the idiotic movement, calling it “patriotic,” finally had enough after the mob turned on her.

And now, it’s over.

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This morning, hundreds of SWAT police showed up to reclaim the territory. The barricades were removed and power was taken from the criminal regime. In fact, they surrendered without issue. Why? Because they’re children, mostly unemployed and living in their parents’ basement or bunkered up at some liberal university being indoctrinated by liberal teachers at the expense of their parents. And since schools are closed during the coronavirus pandemic, these brainless kids had nothing better to do than to try to start a revolution.

Leftists are weak. They do not know how to fight, and when they are stood up to, they retreat. This has been demonstrated time and time again. They stand in the streets and chant their Marxist slogans, but when confronted by someone with a brain cell or two, they lose all their ability to stand their ground.

Today, thousands of residents and business owners of the Capitol Hill neighborhood in Seattle still stand abandoned by their politicians who sided with the mobsters. They have lost their businesses and many of their homes have been destroyed. This all happened at the hands of Democrat mayors and city council.


We can only hope and pray that the silent majority of rational, law-abiding citizens will see that the endgame of the progressive movement can only end in complete and total destruction, chaos, and lawlessness. Let this be a lesson to the United States of America. We can NEVER cave to socialism.


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