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Calls For the Destruction of Statues of Jesus Reveals the Destruction of White People is BLM’s Endgame

by | Jun 23, 2020 | News, Politics, Racialism, Social Justice, Social-Issues | 0 comments

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While we do not advocate for religious statues or other forms of iconic idolatry forbidden in Scripture, Black Lives Matter activists are tearing them down for another reason. Because, they say, they represent “white supremacy.”

Let this sink in for a moment. Statues and imagery of Jesus, according to Shaun King, a male Rachel Dolezal, represent “a gross form of white supremacy,” and says they should “all come down.”


While I might agree that they should all come down, including the stained glass windows, because they represent a form of idolatry that is rooted in Greco-Roman paganism and Eastern mysticism, the suggestion that they actually represent a form of “white supremacy” actually reveals something far more sinister about the motives of Black Lives Matter. They hate white people.

Black Lives Matter is a movement rooted in Marxist philosophy that encourages the destruction of everything that represents “whiteness.” In fact, many of the most outspoken agitators of this movement have clearly denounced any facet of white culture as “wickedness.”

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Uwan Ekemini Twitter No, I said what I said. Don't mansplain what I said. I speak clearly and precisely. Whiteness is wickedness. Have a great day.

You can rest assured that statues and stained glass windows isn’t where they’re going to stop. This is only the beginning of a war on white people, particularly conservative, Christian white people who refuse to denounce their skin color, and their end goal is the destruction of Western civilization and all who represent it — namely, white people.

The bottom line is that they hate white people so much, including in themselves, that they’re willing to deface even themselves to see that end. This is why white people like Shaun King, Rachel Dolezal, Kyle J Howard, and even former president Barack Obama himself have denounced their very own white ethnicity and embraced a hatred of themselves that denounces that very heritage.

The endgame for Black Lives Matter is the death of all white people. They will march with white people who are on board with their mission — for now. But once all the statues are gone, Christian influence is destroyed, and Western civilization is a thing of the past, they will turn on themselves because their ideology demands it. Black Lives Matter is reverse Naziism and anyone who refuses to denounce it is complicit in the anti-Christ religion built around it.

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