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Apple Replaces Website Homepage With Black Lives Matter Propaganda

by | Jun 4, 2020 | News, Racialism, Social Justice, Social-Issues | 0 comments

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While one might expect to be able to go to the website of a company looking to find news and information about a product that the company might want to sell, in today’s environment, instead, you’re likely going to be met with a self-righteous virtue-signaling message from the CEO.

That’s exactly what you’re going to find on Apple’s website. While you might be shopping for a Mac Book or a new iPhone, if you visit the Apple homepage, you’re going to be met with a glaring letter from Tim Cook — the male Karen in charge at Apple, Inc. — that is nothing more than Black Lives Matter racialist propaganda and virtue-signaling.

As of June 4, 2020, clicking the link to Apple.com will land you the following page:

The letter essentially repeats the left-wing debunked propaganda out of Black Lives Matter and other “woke” groups that white cops have basically declared open season on black people.

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While our laws have changed, the reality is that their protections are still not universally applied. We’ve seen progress since the America I grew up in, but it is similarly true that communities of color continue to endure discrimination and trauma.

Far be it for corporate America to give a rat’s behind about truth and equal enforcement of the law. Apple only cares about its bottom line and this is a way, Cook believes, to ensure that the company remains off of the radar for far left activists.

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