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NC Governor Blows Through Stop Sign to Avoid Eye Contact With People Holding American Flags

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North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper has repeatedly exposed himself not only as incompetent at his job, but a coward unwilling to come face to face with the people he rules over with an autocratic whipping stick. North Carolina is one of the least-affected states in the nation amid the coronavirus pandemic, yet, the governor sees fit to continue to impose drastic lockdown measures for what is seemingly no other purpose than personal political gain.

The Republican National Convention is slated to be held in Charlotte in August, yet, Cooper and his incompetent Democrat health department secretary, Mandy Cohen, are threatening to halt the event with continued — and unnecessary — lockdown measures.

At the beginning of the pandemic, while Cooper was in the first phase of implementing lockdown measures, he was caught in Florida by Republican activists participating in a fundraiser event. When approached by someone asking him what he was doing, instead of answering questions and coming forth, he sent a frowning woman barrelling up the stairs to block the camera and shield the governor from any damning inquiry.

Now, while these lockdown measures are continuing as the evidence mounts that these drastic measures have little to no effect on the spread of the virus, as North Carolinians rally to reopen the state and seek to confront the governor, he continues to hide behind his personal privilege as a politician.

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In the video below, Cooper (or his driver) can be seen running a stop sign — which is against the law — to avoid confrontation with those scary people holding American flags. Of course, as he rules with the authoritarian sword, he believes himself to be above the law.

Despite the comment at the end of the video, it has been confirmed that this was indeed Roy Cooper in the vehicle.

As hundreds have gathered to protest his aristocracy over the last several weeks, Cooper has made literally zero effort to appease the citizens’ request to abide by the Constitution of the United States and has, instead, imposed absurd anti-religious orders — including requiring churches to meet outside as members remain in constant motion — which were, thankfully, ultimately struck down in court. And despite the fact that he’s actually admitted that wearing face masks is ultimately reduced to a version of virtue-signaling, apparently, he plans on enforcing the facial smock upon elementary school children.


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