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Sign the Petition to Recall NC Governor Roy Cooper

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The Democrat tyrant governor of North Carolina has been under fire, many seeking to have him recalled or resign, for overstepping his governing authority and unnecessarily closing down the economy of North Carolina amid the coronavirus outbreak. Currently, in North Carolina, over 200 thousand workers are unemployed due to Cooper’s shutdown orders which only allow “essential services” to remain open.

Cooper was threatened with a lawsuit by North Carolina citizens after State Capitol Police interpreted Cooper’s shutdown order to include the right to protest as “non-essential,” causing him to back off. Hundreds have gathered weekly to protest the governor’s orders yet Cooper remains obstinate. Some counties have already allowed their workforce to return in defiance of Cooper.

Martin Zero has started a petition on Change.org to recall the governor. Below is the text of the petition with a link at the bottom to sign.

Roy Cooper is continuing to impose an unconstitutional stay at home order over the state of North Carolina. As of this posting, North Carolina’s CoVid19 numbers are as follows; 

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  • NC population: 10,490,000
  • Cases: 15,045
  • Pct: .0014%
  • Deaths: 550
  • Pct to population: .00005%
  • Pct to cases: .036% (this rate will continue to decline as more testing is administered).

This order is destroying family-owned businesses and small businesses all over the state. People’s mental health is more at risk every day. Suicides and drug overdoses are on the rise. 

All of this for a virus with a lethality rate less than that of the common flu. This is unjust, unconstitutional, and shows little to no consideration taken for the blue-collar citizens of North Carolina. 

It is time we recall Cooper, and get a Governor who will protect our rights. 


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