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Dutch Supreme Court Rules Euthanasia Against Elderly Patients’ Will Legal in the Netherlands

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If abortion against the unwilling infants still inside the mother’s womb isn’t bad enough, why not legalize abortion against elderly patients with dementia against their will?

In a landmark ruling last month, the Dutch Supreme Court said that a doctor who committed euthanasia on an elderly patient with dementia while her family physically restrained her is not legally responsible for any wrongdoing.

The Guardian reports:

Doctors in the Netherlands are able to carry out euthanasia on patients with severe dementia without fear of prosecution even if the patient no longer expresses an explicit wish to die, the country’s highest court has ruled.

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The supreme court’s decision followed a landmark case last year in which a doctor was acquitted of wrongdoing for euthanizing a woman in 2016 with severe Alzheimer’s who had requested the procedure before her condition deteriorated.euthanising

This is absolutely reprehensible and should not be tolerated. As a society, we’ve been conditioned to accept the legalized murder of the innocent and weak and those who don’t have a voice in their own death through the actions of pro-choice activists and ongoing war against humanity. That the “progressive” left has now morphed into this should be deemed unacceptable — but most of the world doesn’t bat an eye.

If we believe that this is where it ends, we’ve been deceived. What we’re seeing is the fruit of a society who hates God and loves death.

…but he who fails to find me injures himself; all who hate me love death. — Proverbs 8:36


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