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Stripper Performs “Pole Dance” at Elementary School in Front of Children

by | May 5, 2020 | News, Social-Issues, World | 0 comments

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If Drag Queen Story Hour isn’t dirty enough, why not take your children to a strip club to see a pole dance? Or better yet, why not bring the strip club to your children — or the entire elementary school, for crying out loud?

A video has gone viral showing a scantily clad pole dancer performing her “routine” in front of children who appear to be as young as four or five years old. The video is ostensibly out of Poland, but the devastating effects of this kind of activity send ripples worldwide.

The video is recorded with what appears to be parents and teachers in the background acting as though nothing is wrong with this picture.

The reactions on Twitter were mixed. Some people were perplexed by the video and others wondered if this was even real or some kind of a hoax.

Some were not so upset.

While it is true she didn’t actually remove her clothing, pole-dancing is inextricably tied to the strip club lifestyle and for children to see such risque sexual behavior should be reprehensible to any sane parent with a brain. That people find this acceptable is telling of how deep into the quagmire of filth our society has gone.

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