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Disney’s DuckTales Reboot Features Two Gay Dads

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Why can’t we have anything nice? Seriously, DuckTales was probably my favorite cartoon as a kid. But now, I will never be able to share that enjoyment with my own kids.

Disney has been on a gay propaganda rampage for the last few years and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop any time soon. According to Screen Rant, Disney’s reboot of the iconic cartoon will reveal that Violet has two “dads” in Season 3 named Tyrian “Ty” Sabrewing and Indigo “Indy” Sabrewing, and, who proudly sport T-shirts with the phrase “I’m with Dad” written on them.

The season 3 premiere of DuckTales reveals that Violet Sabrewing, one of the young members of the supporting cast, has two fathers. This marks one of the latest attempts by DuckTales‘ showrunners to establish a more diverse Duckberg than what was seen in the original 1987 series.

Based on the Donald Duck comics of Carl Barks, the original DuckTales was one of the most popular animated series of the 1980s. It was also filled with a number of  stereotypes which the showrunners of the reboot series wished to avoid. This led to changes like Webby, who was a cliched “girly girl” in the original series, being given a more aggressive attitude in the new series. It also led to Gizmoduck (Hamilton‘s Lin-Manuel Miranda) being established as Latinx, with his secret identity’s name now being Fenton Crackshell-Cabrera.

Frank Angones, the producer said 

As with all of our characters, we had a lot of conversations about who Violet was and what her background was and came up with this fun notion of her too enthusiastic, overly supportive dads who love being dads…We do have some themes and ideas coming up that address relevant LGBTQ+ narratives. But there’s always an opportunity for a lot more; I don’t want a cop-out and a cookie for saying ‘look at this one thing we did!’

It’s mind-boggling that with the clear agenda of the late Walt Disney’s legacy entertainment company that any Christian person would continue to support them in any way. Why should we go to their theme parks, buy their movies, or celebrate our kids’ birthdays decked out with Disney character themes?

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It’s time to move on.


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