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Mother, Grandmother Upset That Teacher Defended Himself After Child Attacked Him

by | Feb 26, 2020 | News | 0 comments

A mother of a child at Charlotte Mecklenburg Academy — an alternative school for children with serious behavioral issues — is upset that a teacher defended himself when her son, 9, tried to escape the classroom and attacked the teacher.

The mother accused the teacher of “assaulting” the child after warning the school staff that the child had began a new medication. According to WCCB Charlotte, Charlotte Mecklenburg Police were called in to investigate and determined after a review of the classroom tapes that it was determined that “no assault occurred.”

“Little Shawn did kick him on the leg, and he did punch him on his leg,” says Shar’lootee Jones, the boy’s grandmother who said she believes the teacher’s self-defense and defense of the classroom was “unprofessional.”

Well, there you have it.

That the mother is upset that the teacher — who was well within his rights and duty to protect himself and other students — actually stopped the child from doing something that could have ended far worse is baffling. She should be thankful that not only was he stopped from leaving the classroom, but that he was also stopped from assaulting the teacher and possibly other students.

According to WCCB, a CMS Spokesperson released this statement:

“After an initial review of the videotape accusations are unfounded.  Anytime a parent has a concern it is checked into thoroughly,” says Renee McCoy, Executive Director of Communications for CMS.

The first question that comes to one’s mind should be, “where is the father?” — and in this case, “where is the mother?” too. The mother says that the child is being pulled from the school and will be homeschooled. Of course, that is a much better option.

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