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Southern Baptist Church Advertises DNOW Student Event With Filthy Rap Song Featuring F-Bombs

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In an effort to reach lost people in our culture, churches are beginning to act more and more like lost people. The reason behind this is that likely those churches are full of lost people — including those in leadership. As the true church becomes less and less relevant to the world in this culture being given over to Satan, churches are digging deeper and deeper into the pits of Hell to keep people in their pews.

A.J. Keyte, Youth Pastor CFBC

One Southern Baptist Church (according to the official SBC website), Collierville First Baptist Church in Collierville, TN is advertising the popular DNOW (Disciple Now) weekend student event with a filthy rap song that drops the F-bomb and talks about not “f**king” as she’s being chased by him. The event is open to 6th-12th grade and costs $75.00. The youth pastor is A.J. Keyte.

This year’s theme, according to their website, is “Kingdom Now,” and is described as “a weekend of teaching, worship, small groups, and fun activities,” where the students “will be challenged to serve and grow the Kingdom of God here and now.” One can only wonder if the filthy music is part of the $75.00 package deal.

The song in the video promotion of the student “bible event” at this church is Say So by Doja Cat, and the lyrics are as follows (bleeped out because they’re X-rated.)

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It’s been a long time since you fell in love
You ain’t coming out your shell, you really ain’t been yourself
Tell me what must I do (do tell, my love)
‘Cause luckily I’m good at reading
I wouldn’t f**k him and he won’t stop chasin’
And we can dance all day around it
If you front then I’ll be bouncing
If you want it scream and shout it, babe
Before I leave you dry

(Note: The 1:50 mark in the video below is where the dirty F-bomb is dropped… Note: The original link to the video on Instagram was removed by the church, but the video can still be seen below.)


That a church feels they need to stoop to this kind of level to reach young people speaks volumes about their theology. Obviously, they do not believe that the gospel is sufficient to save so they attract a sanctuary full of lost people — who like listening to rap songs about premarital fornication — to come and spend the weekend together while ostensibly studying the Bible.

UPDATE: After Reformation Charlotte exposed this video, the church acknowledged that they should not have published the video and are removing it from their social media platforms. They also stated that they are seeking what further actions should be taken. We applaud them for making the right choice to remove the video, however, we must ask, how does something like this go through such an obviously professional production and nobody catch this? The lyrics were plain as day and the song is popular enough that anyone who would have thought to use it in the video would have had to been familiar with it enough to know what the song was about. Our suggestion is to fire the staff members involved in the production of the video.


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