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How The “Pro-Life” Movement Actually Hates Women

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by Cheryl Arlene Shellie

The National March for Life is being held today. The town of Washington DC has been preparing for over a week for the festivities. I say, festivities because it is a celebration. Abby Johnson and all the big-name pro-lifers will be in attendance. Some of these pro-life celebs have been enjoying taking smiley selfies in front of the White House and the Supreme Court. In the selfies I have seen I have seen the celebs smiling, laughing, sticking out their tongues, and giving WOW faces. Looking to have a joyous time. And if I didn’t know about the march coming up, I would think it looked like a big pep rally of sorts. Mind you this is the 47th year that the holocaust of abortion has gone undisturbed. The pro-life leaders will be at the March for Life at the front podium, screaming “We are winning” and “Equal rights all human beings” While, mind you, over 61 million image-bearers of God have been slaughtered in this “pro-life country”. How do they smile, laugh and “celebrate” LIFE when so much life has been snuffed out? I weep to think of the wickedness of this country and the blood on our hands.

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!- Isaiah 5:20

Upon seeing each of these “pro-life “biggies” happy selfies, I had to pause each time in sadness and bewilderment of these so-called pro-life heroes. You know who I speak of, the ones that make outrageous fees for talking to a group or association? They are the ones making their retirement plans off of the unborn. Nice 401K’s. The biggies where they have a personal website that is sure to have a “donate” button. Which is fine in many cases where you would see a “donate” button because I see nothing wrong with donations to a good cause but the pro-life movement would not be in any way what you should classify, as a good cause.

You ask me why I say this? Do you think I am being unduly harsh? I would respond to you that I don’t feel that I am harsh enough when it comes to the pro-life movement. I see 61 million lives gone. Murdered by their mothers, with help and encouragement by husband, boyfriends, mothers, etc. You see, in 47 years this self-described group of elite celebrities in the so-called “pro-life movement”, they don’t seek to end abortion. Ask them. They will tell you things such as “We will make abortion unthinkable” or “Abortion will end with love” And both of these responses are sorely deceptive and I would even say, manipulative. We all know that abortion was not “unthinkable” before it became legal and we have no illusions that it will be “unthinkable” after it becomes illegal. Rape is not unthinkable, but it is illegal. The law that makes rape illegal says that we value people made in the image of God and they are not to be violated sexually or there will be consequences. Harsh consequences. As there should be. But the pro-life movement will support the criminalizing of rape but reject and even fight actively against the ending of abortion by criminalization.

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For such persons do not serve our Lord Christ, but their own appetites, and by smooth talk and flattery they deceive the hearts of the naive- Romans 16:18

The secular pro-life movement has some mantras that sound really great. Usually accompanied by beautiful pictures of born babies saying things such as “our value is not determined by our size”, “LIFE is beautiful”, “abortion stops a beating heart”, and “women deserve better than abortion”. If our value is not determined by our size then why do we have pro-life legislation that has been passed over 1,193 times since 1973? Legislation that permits babies in the womb to be killed by dismemberment, vacuum, and poisoning. Legislation that permits babies in the womb to be killed based on their size/gestation? If life is beautiful then why does pro-life legislation make exceptions that permit some lives to be exterminated? Can we honestly say that abortion stops a beating heart when ALL pro-life legislation permits babies to be euthanized whose hearts have yet formed? If women deserve better than abortion, what do babies deserve? The babies are the only actual victims of abortion, it is the babies who deserve better than abortion. The babies deserve more than being delivered over to death without committing any crime worthy of death. In the entire scenario of abortion, the babies are the only persons that have not been a complicit party or an accomplice in murder. 

Here, I submit to you that the pro-life movement pushes a false narrative. A lie. A narrative that is comfortable for most Christians to support, because the false narrative is that women who murder their child by abortion, are victims. The pro-life movement has made billions of dollars with this narrative. This narrative is very lucrative for the bank account. You see, to push the narrative that women are really victims in their abortion/murder of their child soothes the consciences of those that have procured an abortion, paid for an abortion, or aided, or encouraged someone in getting an abortion. Do you see where the hate is involved here? First of all, pro-lifeism is not Christian. Its arguments are based on humanism and not the Word of God. Most pro-life celebrities will identify as Christian, but they will be the first to tell you they must use reason and not push their Christianity on others.

A lying tongue hateth those that are afflicted by it; and a flattering mouth worketh ruin- Proverbs 26:28

They claim neutrality. Because the hate that the pro-life movement perpetuates to women is a lie about their sin. Most women will readily accept this lie because this is our sinful nature. And sadly, many Christian women are sitting in pews, believing (suppressing the truth) that they are in fact, victims of murdering their child. And what about their child? Where does that put the real victim? How hateful is that? That women have not been told the truth and she has been left in her sin and withheld the repentance and forgiveness that could be hers, in Jesus Christ? That, ladies, is the hate that is $old by the Pro-life movement. That is not love, mercy, and justice. That is hate. And it is bought hook line and sinker by most of the followers of the pro-life movement, at a very high price. The blood of the unborn.

Of course, it’s damaging to kill your children. Of course, it’s scarring. The answer is to help them no do it by putting up a roadblock by outlawing it. This will significantly reduce it from happening. The job of good people is to defend the victim and help the perpetrator to cease and desist. This also happens to be the just and loving goal of good law. When we refuse to properly identify the victim” and the “perpetrator” there is no defense, there is no justice, there is no love, there is no good law.

This is the leading banner for the Walk for Life West Coast, every year boasting 100,000 marchers behind it.  Who is the victim being identified?  If abortion truly hurts women, and if that is what our focus should be, then it makes sense why we would run into a wall writing just law to criminalize murder by abortion.   When the PRO-LIFE MOVEMENT works within the framework of the PRO-CHOICE MOVEMENT, choosing to focus on the perpetrator, and calling the perpetrator the victim, it causes obvious confusion.  Frankly, this is the entire problem.  And the only way out is to fear God, revere HIS view of abortion, and allow pro-life minds to be transformed.

Until transformed Christians will stand up and say ABORTION KILLS PREBORN HUMAN BEINGS MADE IN THE IMAGE OF GOD and the performance and procurement of it is MURDER in God’s sight, and ought rightly to be treated as such in society, then you will never have defense of preborn victims OR aid to cause the mothers to cease and desist. You will only continue to have a tit-for-tat dialog about women that does nothing to aid the victim.

Women will say, “Abortion doesn’t hurt me!  Abortion liberates me!”

Well, okay.  Discussion ended.  Since it was only about you anyway, and it doesn’t hurt you, then I guess we don’t need to worry about it.

What are pro-life people proposing to do about their message anyway?  Certainly, it hurts mothers to pay to have their children ripped apart, and rightly so.  It is hard to get away from.  How can we help them?  Can you outlaw something simply because someone REGRETS it afterward?    No?  So what is the point?    

There is no point.  Except that Christians can mass by the 100s of thousands to say something that is still politically correct, never stand up for actual justice, and yet feel like they’ve done a good job and somehow worked to end abortion.  Of course, a lot of money goes into “fighting abortion” in this way.  

A way that will never defend the victims.  

A way that will never aid the perpetrators.

… the defilement of the Image of God goes on thousands-fold daily in a land of “good” people.  Once a year they march to make the statement that the crime hurts the criminal.

Neutrality is a myth. God is not neutral. To say that the very persons that God has given a child to carry are the victims when they murder that child is unjust, wicked, and a lie. This is what the secular pro-life establishment is selling. God says you shall not murder, and whoever murders will be liable to judgment. The blood of these children cries out from the ground demanding justice. For their lifeblood, God will require a reckoning. 

“There is a sad myth going around today – the myth of neutrality. According to this myth, the secular world gives every point of view an equal chance to be heard. And it works fairly well – unless you are a Christian.” ~Francis Schaeffer

“He who is not with Me is against Me; and he who does not gather with Me scatters.-Matthew 12:30

We are Christians, we are of the Book, the people of the Way. The people who are bought by the Creator of all things that have been made and will be made. We are people of Love and Truth. We as Christians can take no part in the deeds of darkness, and that is what lying to a person that has committed murder is, it is a deed of darkness. We must tell the truth, where the pro-life movement lies, we must not bow to it. We must stand on the Word of God and in His power speak the truth to a dying and lost world. We will never make abortion unthinkable by hiding behind lies. We will never make abortion unthinkable or bring it to an end by placating the perpetrators. 

Truth is always love. Always.

For further information on this subject. Go to http://www.not-a-victim.com

Editor’s Note: This post first appeared at The Joyful Patriarchy Wife and has been reposted here with permission.


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