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Historic Charlotte Baptist Church Declares They Will Ramp Up LGBTQ and Atheist Inclusiveness

by | Jan 3, 2020 | Apostasy, Blog, LGBTQ Issues, News, Social Justice, Social-Issues, The Church

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A historic church in Charlotte, NC in the middle of one of Charlotte’s oldest neighborhoods has declared that they will be ramping up their image so that everyone in the city knows who they are — an “inclusive” church. And by “inclusive,” they mean they are gay-affirming, atheist-affirming, and have no intention of converting anyone.

According to a recent report at WBTV, the Rev. Boswell of Myers Park Baptist Church says “it’s not about converting anyone or finding new members. It’s about changing perceptions of church and welcoming people from all beliefs and backgrounds.”

The church, its members, and its leaders mock God with signs and videos. In the video below, the church derides Southern Baptist leader, Al Mohler, who said that women should not occupy the pulpit on the Lord’s day. Sadly, their day of judgment is coming lest they repent and turn to Christ. God will not be mocked (Galatians 6:7).

The church regularly posts signs with messages like “Jesus was an undocumented immigrant,” and “Women leaders welcome. No stained-glass ceilings here.” Boswell states that his church’s mission is about “walking with people” on their “journey” to living a “moral” and “ethical” life, and that includes atheists.

Even atheists are walking on a journey of discovery and trying to discover themselves, trying to figure out what it means to be an ethical human being, to care for other people, to live a moral life in this world. And whether they buy it all, that doesn’t really matter to us. We just want to walk with them on the journey.

The announcement comes, according to the report, after a Pew Research poll showed that church attendance is down 7 percent over the last decade. Apparently, exchanging the truth of the gospel for a lie, as clearly outlined in Romans 1:25, is the norm for these progressive churches who have no interest in biblical fidelity, genuine worship, or true love as defined by our Lord Jesus Christ.

“We feel like that’s what Jesus was about,” Boswell said, “and we feel like our bold campaign is an expression of Jesus’s love for all people.” Clearly, Boswell — and this, sadly, apostate church — have no idea what love is.

I sincerely mourn for these people. They have been greatly deceived by the culture, society, and sadly, even the Church. They believe they are right with God but the fact remains, they are at enmity with God. We should pray for this historic Charlotte church to repent and return to its first love.

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