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Hillsong Boasts 20 Denominations, Including Catholics, Are Represented At Their Conference Every Year

by | Dec 17, 2019 | Apostasy, Featured, News, The Church, World

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Hillsong is one of the world’s leading bridges between religion and carnality — known for its endless productions of worldly sensationalism and ear-tickling music. Hillsong is a prosperity gospel cult that unifies itself with other religions based solely on the glamorization of culture and material gain.

Recently, we reported that Hillsong Church was hosting the Alpha Conference which holds a Catholic Mass as part of its ecumenical service. While its no secret that the Hillsong Phoenix campus is neck-deep in Roman Catholic idolatry, the church itself was merely the host of a third-party conference. However, Hillsong, itself, now boasts its ecumenical goals by proudly proclaiming on its own conference website that over 20 different denominations are represented at its conference, including Baptists and Catholics.

The following image is found on the Hillsong ‘Breathe Again’ conference website right after it states, “COME NOW. EVERY TRIBE. EVERY NATION. EVERY TONGUE, OVER 20 DIFFERENT DENOMINATIONS ARE REPRESENTED AT HILLSONG CONFERENCE EACH YEAR.”

It should be noted that Hillsong believes that the goal of Christianity is to unite all the denominations under one umbrella. Hillsong does not believe in the biblical doctrine of salvation by grace alone through faith alone and other essential doctrines such as the penal substitutionary atonement and imputed righteousness.

The Hillsong cult attracts people through entertainment and keeps them there by their addiction. They have it down to an exact science. They know what sells and they know what keeps customers. Whether it be their watered-down music, their nuanced affirmation of homosexuals, that they hold Roman Catholic masses, that they produce sleazy renditions of Silent Night during Christmas or pose a nearly naked man on stage at a women’s conference, that they defend abortion and complain about the death penalty, or that celebrities love them because they “don’t teach that book with Moses and stuff,” one thing is for sure, they know what the world — a world in rebellion to God — likes.

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