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Greta Thunberg Being Taught As Religion In Swedish Schools

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TEAPARTY247 — Swedish schoolchildren are being taught to defend the climate alarmist arguments of Greta Thunberg in a course about “religious knowledge,” according to news outet Samhällsnytt and being reported on by Summit News.

Kids are also apparently being asked to mock her opponents.

Samhällsnytt reported that the teen climate activist is being included as part of the school curriculum and is being portrayed in a very glowing and sympathetic light.

She is described by the course as an “alarm clock” that “allows us to discuss, talk, and reflect on what is happening to our world.”

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One student noted that “Greta is practically painted as a saint.”

Students are tasked with making memes about Great that mock her opponents and debunk arguments made against the high-profile teen’s positions on climate change.

“In one task, they are asked to find a picture to illustrate the sentence ‘One simply doesn’t mess with Greta,’ a nod to an outdated Boromir meme from ‘Lord of the Rings,’ reports Sputnik.

Education publisher Liber asserts that it is “important to constantly offer materials and teaching materials that reflect the contemporary.”



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