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SBC Church “Evangelizing” by Hosting “Free Movie Night” With Subtle LGBTQ Propaganda

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It’s sad enough that biblical evangelism is completely lost on modern Evangelical churches. That is, in fact, what the word “evangelical” means — people who evangelize. What used to be the biblical model of evangelism which is to take the good news of the gospel OUT into the world and proclaim it to the lost has now turned into a door-to-door sales pitch for a particular church with little to no actual engagement with the gospel.

Making matters worse, the invitation to the church usually isn’t even to hear the gospel preached inside the walls, either — it’s for some kind of entertainment event designed to draw potential givers.

That’s exactly what one Southern Baptist church in Spokane Valley, WA is doing. Greenacres Baptist Church, pastored by Kenny Lydick, an SBTS graduate, is hosting a “free family movie night” featuring Toy Story 4 and will be serving free drinks and popcorn. Worse, the movie they’re watching boasts a transgender “spork” character with a rainbow flag — this is exactly what a church should be doing to evangelize. Good on them.

Toy Story 4’s Transgender “Spork” with Rainbow Flag

This church appears to be completely undiscerned as its schedule trumpets,

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  • October 9 on Facebook the pastor speaks of ‘warming your soul’ in the church. (What?)
  • September 16, the pastor encourages all to ‘spread Jesus’ FAME today‘ (Jesus is not “famous,” he’s hated.)
  • September 4 – an invitation for ‘Vision Night‘ (Prophets and Apostles do not exist today.)
  • September 1- Prayer walking: “Prayer walking is so simple and yet profound. Try it some time this week. If you can’t walk too far due to physical limitations, try driving around the neighborhood and praying (with eyes open, course). See what God does.” (Where is “prayer walking” in Scripture?)

Of course, you could argue that we’re just making a big deal out of nothing. The problem is that this church is indicative of the state of most modern Evangelical churches. This church appears to be a complete circus. They have strayed far from the Bible and embraced something that only a worldly and carnal population could appreciate — and Southern Baptist seminaries are factories for the kinds of “leaders” these churches need.


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