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Gay Anglican Priests Get “Married,” Push For Church Approval

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The Anglican Church is already an apostate denomination that, for the most part, has departed from the gospel and Word of God for decades. The Anglican Church is home to Sam Allberry, the self-admitted homosexual who is a regular contributor for The Gospel Coalition and the Southern Baptist Convention. While Allberry himself claims to hold to celibacy and denies God’s sanctifying power of regeneration, many Anglicans in the same boat pursue their homosexual lusts and seek the church’s full embrace of them.

ABC News Australia reports that two gay Anglican priests from opposite sides of the world met 20 years ago in California. “On Tuesday, exactly 20 years from the day they first locked eyes, they tied the knot in a small civil ceremony in Melbourne.”

Can anyone say, “gross!”?

Of course, any denomination that wasn’t completely apostate would not only kick these two men from their clergy posts but excommunicate them altogether. Why it’s such a difficult concept that homosexuality is NOT blessed by God rather hated by God is baffling. Why is there even a debate? If you embrace any manner of homosexuality, you are not a Christian — you are opposed to God. Period.

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Instead, the Anglican Church is holding a tribunal to “listen” to their story and see if they can somehow accommodate the two sodomites. ABC reports,

The ceremony for Father Davis and Father Whalley was to have been be led by Wangaratta Bishop John Parkes, who wanted to bless the marriage of the priests before he retires later this year.

But the matter has now been referred to the church’s Appellate Tribunal, which is the highest ecclesiastical court.

Bishop Parkes is a member of the Appellate Tribunal, but will not take part in relation to this matter.

The tribunal will consider whether the blessings of persons married under civil law in church compromises the Anglican Church’s constitution.

Of course, when seeking the approval of men, you only place yourself at enmity with God. It’s time to oppose the Anglican Church and any who are still part of the denomination.


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