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PCA Host of Gay Christian Conference Mocks the Aquila Report, Threatens to Start “Aqueerla Report”

by | Apr 24, 2019 | News | 0 comments

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The gay agenda is a militant crusade — almost Mafia-like — that has the conservative Church so far in its grips that it pretty much has no other option but to cave from every angle. We see Christian adoption agencies giving in to progressives and handing children over to sodomite couples and in some places, parents losing all parental rights over their children’s sexually deviant escapades. And in conservative circles, subversive gay ideology is practically vanquishing biblical orthopraxy at its core.

This can’t be more true than with the homosexual propaganda coming out of organizations such as Living Out and, to a deeper degree, Revoice — the gay Christian conference being held and hosted at Presbyterian (PCA) churches.

In 2018, the Revoice Conference, which promotes “gay celibacy” and the acceptance of a gay identity in Christian churches, was hosted by Greg Johnson, Teaching Elder at Memorial Presbyterian Church (PCA). The entire premise of Revoice is built on the notion that forsaking a homosexual identity is not a necessary component of repentance and sanctification, and that in most, if not all cases, sexual orientation is unchangeable.

Tom Buck, a Southern Baptist Pastor and contributor at Alpha and Omega Ministries did a thorough job of exposing Revoice’s theological double, Living Out — a ministry operated by Sam Allberry, Sean Doherty, and Ed Shaw. Buck’s four-part series was republished on The Aquila Report which did not sit well with Greg Johnson, the Teaching Elder who hosted the Revoice Conference in 2018. In a PCA Facebook group, one pastor, Adam Tisdale, (apparently jokingly) posted a comment about starting a progressive version of The Aquila Report, calling it “The Priscilla Report.”

To which Johnson as well mockingly responded that he may start “The Aqueerla Report” if Dominic Aquila, the owner of The Aquila Report, didn’t “get his boys to settle down.”

While it’s obvious that these men write this in jest, the fact that they think this way is more than telling about their agenda. They have a narrative and ideology to promote and conservatives stand in their way. Right now, they joke, but tomorrow, they act — that’s how this works. Rest assured, the homosexual Mafia will not rest until sexual deviants are fully included in all areas of society, including the Church, and the idea that aberrant sexual orientations and lifestyles are abnormal, unnatural, and sinful is put to rest.

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