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JD Greear and Beth Moore Agree: The Bible is About Tearing Down Hierarchies

by | May 4, 2018

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In a not so rare occasion when the Southern Baptist president agrees with the denomination’s most prominent feminist, JD Greear praised Beth Moore for promoting the notion that the Scriptures are all about “tearing down hierarchies.”

In a recent tweet back-and-forth on Twitter, Greear and Moore show themselves approved to one another by exchanging accolades in accordance with their Marxist Bibliology. It starts with Greear’s praise of a 2018 article by Beth Moore calling on churches to place women in prominent positions of power as men step aside and allow them to lead.

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It’s then followed up by a wet, sloppy kiss from Moore who thanks him for patronizing women by implying that women need men to do something in order to “thrive” in the Church.

Of course, we know that Beth Moore is a rebellious woman who makes a living by doing exactly what the Bible tells her not to do. Beth Moore, and of course, JD Greear, obviously do not care what the Scriptures actually say — they intend to create their own theology from a God they’ve made in their own image and obey that, instead.



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