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Beth Moore Denounces Southern Baptists as “Masters of Diversion” For Dealing With Women Preachers

by | Jun 5, 2024 | Apostasy, Feminism, News, Opinion, Religion, Social-Issues, The Church

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In 2021, the popular Evangelical lady-preacher, Beth Moore, left the SBC after it became apparent to her that she would not be able to impose her feminist ideology on the denomination. Moore’s departure from the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) has been portrayed by her and her supporters as a principled stand against systemic abuse and sexism. However, the reality is far less noble and far more opportunistic. Beth Moore and her feminist cohorts attempted to exploit a sexual abuse “crisis”—in reality, a witchhunt—to force the SBC into adopting egalitarian principles that run counter to clear biblical teaching.

When her efforts failed, Moore left the denomination in a huff, painting herself as a martyr for justice.

Beth Moore has a long history of pushing boundaries that align more with contemporary social justice movements than with biblical orthodoxy. Her dissatisfaction with the SBC’s refusal to capitulate to her demands is well-documented. DISNTR reported at the time that Moore’s departure was less about genuine concern for victims and more about her frustration with the SBC’s newly found obsession with complementarianism—the biblical view that pastoral and teaching roles are reserved for men (1 Timothy 2:12; Titus 1:5-9)​.

In a recent tweet, Moore bemoans the SBC’s focus on maintaining biblical standards during a time of crisis, accusing the leadership of using diversionary tactics to avoid addressing the alleged systemic “abuse” and “racism”—all of which was later proven not to be true.

This accusation is not only unfounded but also hypocritical. Moore herself uses this tactic to divert attention from her many, many false teachings as well as her alignment with liberals, rank heretics, and God-hating social activists who promote everything from abortion to homosexuality​.

Moore’s attempt to portray herself as a victim of an oppressive system is a strategic move to gain sympathy and support from those who do not hold to a high view of Scripture. Her departure from the SBC was marked by vitriolic attacks on the denomination’s leadership, accusing them of lying and manipulating the truth. Yet, her own actions and alliances reveal a pattern of disobedience to clear Scriptural mandates.

The truth is that the SBC’s newly-found commitment to biblical complementarianism, despite its many other problems and compromises, is not a diversion—it is a stand for the authority of God’s Word. Is it any surprise that she is now completely apostate? Beth Moore’s failure to bend Southern Baptists to her will speaks volumes about her true intentions. She sought to create a “crisis” where there wasn’t one and exploit it to advance her agenda, and when it didn’t work, she left in a fit of pique, decrying those who refused to follow her down the path of doctrinal compromise.

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