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U.S. Gov. Spending Millions in Tax Dollars to Promote Homosexuality in Third World Countries

by | Jun 4, 2024 | LGBTQ Issues, News, Opinion, Politics, Social-Issues, US, World

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It’s bad enough that our government pushes radical leftism at the expense of our sanity in our own nation, but did you know these leftists are spending your money to promote homosexuality around the world?

Okay, so let’s talk about USAID, shall we? You know, the United States Agency for International Development—the folks who are supposed to be helping “improve lives” in third world countries. Well, under the grand vision of the Biden administration and their radical leftist cronies, USAID has taken on a new mission—promoting homosexuality worldwide. Yep, your tax dollars are hard at work, not on improving infrastructure or health care, but on spreading the gospel of the rainbow flag to every corner of the globe.

Recently, USAID’s head apostle, Samantha Power, decided to give us a little Pride Month treat. In a statement gushing over Marsha P. Johnson, an icon in the LGBTQ+ movement—who died of AIDS, by the way—Power couldn’t help but celebrate how Johnson fought for “equality and progress” despite facing a myriad of challenges. She says, “This Pride Month we pay tribute to LGBTQI+ persons around the world who, like Marsha, have spent their lives fighting for equality and progress – within their communities and beyond.”

Translation: let’s pat ourselves on the back for pushing our perversion onto cultures that might just have a different perspective. Countries like Uganda, for example, a nation that has experienced AIDS epidemics and understands the practical danger of allowing such behavior.

Then, Power trots out a laundry list of “progress,” like Dominica decriminalizing same-sex relations and Thailand moving toward marriage equality. And if that doesn’t warm your heart, she proudly mentions the “LGBTQI+ Inclusive Development Policy,” USAID’s shiny new strategy to make sure every program, no matter where or what, is drenched in LGBTQI+ considerations. And who can forget the Rainbow Fund? It’s only thrown a cool $12 million into various projects that blend the celebration of sodomy with education, economic development, and mental health.


So, here we have it. The Biden administration is using your hard-earned dollars not to fight inflation or create jobs, or to make the housing market affordable again, to export its pet social agenda to third-world nations, all under the guise of human rights.

According to Power, “As we celebrate the courage, spirit, and unwavering strength of LGBTQI+ colleagues, partners, program participants, and individuals around the world, let us recommit ourselves to continued efforts to build a world where every person can live with dignity, freedom, and pride.”

Again, translation: let’s keep pushing this agenda no matter the cost or the cultural backlash.

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Now, isn’t it just lovely that American taxpayers are footing the bill for this? Instead of focusing on real, tangible needs—like improving infrastructure, healthcare, or education—we’re prioritizing the promotion of homosexuality in countries that might not exactly be clamoring for our “enlightened” values. The Biden administration and its leftist allies seem to think it’s perfectly fine to ignore the cultural and moral beliefs of other nations, as long as it fits their progressive narrative.

It’s almost comical how out of touch our federal government is—its role was never meant to include social engineering, especially on a global scale. Of course, this is a blatant misuse of taxpayer money and an overreach of authority, but it’s also just gross to push such evil onto other nations, especially vulnerable nations that have dealt with pervasive evils and idolatry throughout their entire history.

The Biden administration’s use of USAID to promote homosexuality in third-world nations is just another example of their radical leftist agenda—an inappropriate, unwelcome, and frankly absurd imposition of Western liberal values. America is already socially corrupt and morally dead. The world doesn’t need more American-funded social experiments—it needs real solutions to real problems.

And most importantly, it needs the mercy of God found only in Jesus Christ.

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