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June 2024, Pride Month – Part V: Aiming for the ‘Achilles Heel’

by | May 22, 2024 | News

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by Jim Fennell

June 2024: Once again homosexuals are given a “green light” to push their immoral agenda upon America in social media, entertainment, and education with the blessings of our federal government, as well as the support of many state governments. And now, unfortunately, many woke churches.

We hear about an entire “Summer of Pride” and not just June. But for Bible-believing Christians, there is NO compromise, NO agreement, NO support (nor can there ever be) with this movement driven by demonic forces and even Satan himself.  The clash between the believer and the world system has become more personal than ever since America’s founding. The gods of paganism have returned with a vengeance to America.

The enemy knows of an ‘Achilles Heel’ in American Christianity today, and their strategy will focus more and more upon attaching this weakness.  So, what is it?

According to Wikipedia, an ‘Achilles Heel’ is a weakness despite overall strength, which can lead to downfall. While the mythological origin refers to a physical vulnerability, idiomatic references to other attributes or qualities that can lead to downfall are common.

The weakness that the homosexual lobby is targeting more and more in 2024 is the fact that all organizations in America that function as a “church” or a non-profit religious organization are governed by the IRS tax code, specifically the requirements of section 501(C3) Title 26 of the United States Code. Non-profit organizations (including religious groups and churches) that qualify under this code are exempted from the payment of federal income taxes, state income taxes, and county property taxes.  A donation to an IRS-recognized religious organization allows the donor to deduct donations (up to a certain limit) from their federal and state income taxes due for the tax year.  

THEREFORE, IF this tax code can be amended to include a legal requirement that any organization religious in purpose, cannot “discriminate” against any person or persons who claim to be homosexual or transgender and that such “discrimination” from inclusion in the group (specifically membership or employment in that group) based upon their declaration shall be a reason to void the organization’s tax-exempt status under Section 501(C3).

The cascading effect will mean no more tax deductions to religious organizations on your federal or state income tax forms.  Since most Christians do not tithe their income, this may not have much effect on a refund or reduction in taxes due. But the bigger problem will be for a religious organization that will not comply.  

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That religious organization will then be required by law to file federal and state income taxes, showing contributions as income, and paying county/city property taxes.  Not many (if any) churches can afford for this to happen. Default tax payments open a person or business to have their property seized and sold at auction. If you don’t think this is being actively pursued, then you might not be keeping track of what’s being reported in the news.

While there are some very massive religious organizations with large property holdings in the United States (e.g. the Catholic Church and the Mormon Church) they will no doubt agree to whatever the federal government demands to keep their assets and doors open. False doctrine can always be changed to conform to cultural demands, especially if those demands are backed by federal laws.

But Bible-believing churches will not agree.  The time may be coming sooner than later when “home churches” will again become the places of worship for true believers just like church history shows.   

Stay tuned…

Editor’s Note: While there are those who believe that any church that holds a 501(C)(3) is “apostate” or “of the devil,” that isn’t the position of this publication nor is that the point being made here. The author, Jim, raises a good point—so far in America, most churches in general have not been faced with the very real possibility that tax-filing status certainly could, and most likely will be used to bring serious persecution against us and to silence us. It’s an issue that we will sooner or later have to face and deal with.

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