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Southern Baptist Pastor Oversees Ordination of False Apostle, Greg Locke

by | May 21, 2024 | Apostasy, Cult, heresy, News, Opinion, Religion, The Church, Theology, Video

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In a spectacle reminiscent of the prophet Elijah who mocked the prophets of Baal, Greg Locke’s recent ordination as an “apostle” at Global Vision Bible Church reeks of theological absurdity. This grandiose ceremony, officiated by Southern Baptist pastor Malachi O’Brien, saw Locke and his wife officially bestowed with the lofty titles of “Apostle” during an event filled with charismatic fervor and dubious spiritual claims.

O’Brien’s—whom I’ve interacted with on multiple occasions on social media—attempt to justify this apostolic installation is nothing short of scriptural malpractice. He claims that the modern church needs apostles and prophets just as the early church did, yet conveniently ignoring the biblical truth that the Church’s foundation has already been laid. It was established by the original apostles and prophets (Ephesians 2:19-21). These foundational roles were unique to the first century and served their purpose once the New Testament canon was complete. To suggest otherwise is to undermine the sufficiency and finality of God’s revelation through Jesus Christ (Hebrews 1:1-4).

O’Brien opens with the declaration:

“Nine months ago, in this place, Pastor Mike Signorelli gave a word at the end of the National Deliverance Conference. Something was conceived in the spirit that today we’re giving birth to. Amen?”

This is not only theologically inept, it’s completely and utterly ridiculous. In fact, this might be the only time I, as a Bible-believing Christian, would be pro-abortion. Whatever “spirit” conceived this nonsense isn’t the Holy Spirit. But the notion that spiritual truths can be conceived and “birthed” like physical entities is a mockery of the profound mysteries of our faith. It’s nothing more than charismatic sensationalism masquerading as divine revelation.

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On the other hand, true apostolic authority was vested in those who were direct witnesses to Christ’s resurrection and were personally commissioned by Him (Acts 1:21-22). To claim such authority today is not only arrogant but heretical. Greg Locke is no apostle—no modern preacher can claim such a title without distorting the very foundation of biblical truth. The New Testament apostles performed signs and wonders to authenticate their divine commission. In contrast, Locke’s claim rests on the shaky ground of subjective experiences and dubious impartations.

The entire theological system that insists on the continuation of apostles and prophets is a dangerous departure from sound theology. This New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) movement is built on the dangerous and ever-shifting foundation of extra-biblical revelation and personal prophecies, leading people away from the true gospel and into a subjective, experiential religion of self-worship.

The Scripture is clear: the gifts necessary for the edification of the church today are those of pastors and teachers (Ephesians 4:11-12). And some may argue evangelists—but certainly not prophets and apostles. These roles are sufficient for building up the body of Christ without the need for new apostolic offices. As Bible-believing Christians, we must stand firm on the authority of Scripture. The apostles and prophets served their foundational role in the early church, and their work is complete. Any modern claim to these offices is not only unnecessary but also a deception. We must reject these false teachings with the same zeal that Elijah showed when confronting the prophets of Baal. Our faith is built on the solid rock of God’s Word, not on modern charismatic innovations.

So, the ordination of Greg Locke as an apostle is a theological farce that should be dismissed with the same disdain Elijah had for the prophets of Baal. This modern-day apostolic installation is nothing more than a man-made spectacle, devoid of biblical legitimacy. Clearly, this movement has infected more than just the extreme charismatic denominations as we now have Southern Baptist pastors and leaders partaking in this nonsense.

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